Smart SEO Automation Makes Search Engines Happy

In addition to being probably the easiest to use on the market today among high-performance e-commerce enabled  content management system, SeoToaster is definitely the most advanced SEO CMS right out of the box.

Keep in mind that SeoToaster's automated SEO execution can be easily overwritten. In other words, you keep total control over final results for your websites. 

Here is a partial list of what SEO techniques SeoToaster implements on your behalf:

Execute White Hat SEO Across Any Number Of Websites

SeoSamba delivers true white hat SEO automation: check your website, upload sitemaps to Google, set optimization rules, backup and restore SEO versions, and scale to any number of pages/sites.

Subsribe to our Premium Marketing Service to access and manage online marketing for all your websites through a centralized, multi-tenants, cloud-based interface. Then sit back, relax, and watch your website climb to top search rankings.

Built-in SEO Technology For Your Website

  • How To Get Your SeoSamba Token Get Your SeoSamba Token SeoSamba is a marketing hub that adds functionalities to your website, help manage multiple SeoToaster powered websites, optimize and market them in a snap.

    The SeoSamba token is a secure mechanism to link your SeoSamba account with SeoT...
  • Higher Search Engine Rankings Through Website Content Integrity SEO-ready News Search engines love solid websites with no broken elements or links, website visitors love valid links and pictures, and you will love every additional inbound link boosting your search engine rankings.

    SeoToaster's many built-in automated...
  • Optimized User Experience Optimized User Experience SeoToaster automates by default a number of user experience best practices. This helps both web visitors using text or voice browsers, and search engines alike easily understand the topic at hand.
  • Link Siloing Link Siloing Link siloing is an advanced SEO technique that is built-in with SeoToaster . It helps make your web site particularly relevant for each of the content niches you cover and ensures a solid foundation for higher keyword rankings. It is usually practice...
  • Deep Linking Deep Linking SeoToaster links automatically keywords and key-phrases to corresponding pages within and outside of your website while keeping pages neat-looking.
  • Automated 301 Redirects Automated 301 Redirects SeoToaster creates 301 redirects anytime a page url is modified, keeping both visitors and search engines happy.
  • How To Edit Robots.txt How To Edit Robots.txt Simple edit interface to the robots.txt always available at your fingertips. And all the tips you need to make sure your website is indexed in Google and major search engines.
  • E-commerce SEO Shopping Cart Microdata Product Landing Pages How do you impact Click through rate (CTR) on search engine results page? HTML5 Microdata specifications advocated by Google can help you more than most search engine optimization tools out there.
  • Local Search Engine Optimization Local Search Engine Optimization Your Website ID card builds a KML file for your website automatically. KML files help locate your business on Google Earth, Google Map and improves local search performances.
  • Blog Software Blog Software Bypass complicated back-end or cumbersome admin: edit text, links and images right on the news page with a true WYSIWYG editor, spell-check on the fly and customize HTML code at will for pixel-perfect posts.

    Even non-savvy users can animat...
  • E-commerce Marketing Software, Free & Open Source by SeoToaster E-commerce Marketing Sales promotion, discount coupons, customer group pricing, powerful email remarketing, and nifty e-commerce analytics. Everything is free and included with SeoToaster Ecommerce.
  • Social Media Marketing Tools PR News Distribution When creating news or press releases, you can post them instantly or schedule a later distribution thanks to convenient pick & go calendar.

    PDF reports with links and screenshots let you verify where and how it was posted, while more n...