A new way to build your online store

SeoToaster Ecommerce web site builder edition represents a major milestone among the rather confidential world of e-commerce CMS solutions by offering a true content management system coupled with a modern & intuitive e-commerce system, along with a cloud based multi-site marketing platform.



Experience a new paradigm for building e-commerce web sites; SeoToaster Ecommerce edition ships with a 100% object oriented programming core & a store REST API, that is 100% open source, and 100% free. You can test drive SeoToaster Ecommerce here.

Once your web store is ready to go, visit our free privacy policy builder to generate an instant custom terms & conditions policy for your web site.

More Great Features For Your Ecommerce Website

  • E-commerce Website Design & E-commerce Web Development How to design an E-commerce Website With SeoToaster Buckle up and follow this step-by-step guide to learn how to design a beautiful e-commerce website nearly from scratch in no time with SeoToaster.
  • E-commerce CMS: Add Or Edit A Product In Your Store How To Add Or Edit A Product In Your Store Either browse to the product landing page of your choice and click [Edit this product] or simply go to the side control panel menu, and click add/edit product.
  • E-commerce Product Display Product Display Great photos, innovative user experience, and exciting layouts increases product landing page conversion rates for your store. Good news, SeoToaster provides the ultimate grade of flexibility to customize landing pages.
  • Open Source Shopping Cart Open Source Shopping Cart Open source shopping cart SeoToaster is the most flexible ever, allowing even for checkout page template customization at will, and creation of multiple variants of checkout page for easy testing.
  • Powerful, Fast & Secure Online Quotes Web Quote System SeoToaster integrates a powerful web-based quoting engine ideal for handling "complex sales" scenarios. In today's B2B website marketing, your ability to provide online instant or rapid quotes to your website visitors is critical to the online sales ...
  • Manage Your Shopping Cart's Zones Manage Zones SeoToaster's zone management interface let you add any number of zones, grouping combinations of countries and ZIP codes. These zones can then be used to define shipping and tax rules.
  • Shopping Cart Tax Calculation Tax Configuration Easily set up to 3 sales tax rates for each defined geographical zone. Products can then in turn use any sales tax brackets, and have the system apply the correct tax amount based on client's geography.
  • Choose Your Payment and Shipping Gateways Shipping Configuration Charge shipping fees with every orders on your free and open source SeoToaster web store builder thanks to our easy-to-configure cart weight or cart amount based computation.
  • E-commerce SEO Shopping Cart Microdata Product Landing Pages How do you impact Click through rate (CTR) on search engine results page? HTML 5 Microdata specifications advocated by Google can help you more than most search engine optimization tools out there.
  • SSL Certificate For Shopping Cart SSL Certificate For Shopping Cart You are free to get either the http or https version of your website indexed by search engines, and SeoToaster makes sure that all link juice flows to the appropriate pages thanks to its built-in canonicalization.
  • PCI And PA DSS Compliance PCI And PA DSS Compliance We do not store any of your sensitive payment information on our servers; it stays at PayPal and other gateway providers, who are PCI Compliant. Even though we don't store any sensitive data in your install of SeoToaster, we take security seriously.
  • Shopping Cart's Client Area Client Area SeoToaster Ecommerce offers a great online client area where web store owners can manage orders, and customers get access to their past and current order's shipping status.
  • E-commerce Store Dashboard E-commerce Store Dashboard Get critical data and charts for your e-commerce operations at a glance. Store dashboards can be customized at will by uploading new dashboard themes to your free and open source SeoToaster Ecommerce install.
  • Shopping Cart Sales Dashboard Sales Dashboard Default reporting capabilities includes sales and quotes count, along with the average order amount; as well as sales breakdown by customer, by product type, brand, tags, and location.
  • Order Management Order Management A comprehensive order management system at your fingertips. Instant at-a-glance access, rapid search, powerful filters, with an ability to trigger emails automatically.
  • Store Catalog Management Catalog Management Store back-end area offers a powerful mass product management interface. From this area, count just one minute to add or delete a product tag, modify pricing or tax classification across thousands of products as required.
  • E-commerce Marketing E-commerce Marketing Sales promotion, discount coupons, customer group pricing, powerful email remarketing, and nifty e-commerce analytics. Everything is free and included with SeoToaster Ecommerce.
  • Social Media Marketing Tools Social Media Marketing Tools SeoToaster doubles up as a social media management tool for your business. Instead of logging into each service individually, post updates to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn right from the admin panel.