Integrate a powerful web quote engine within your onilne operations

A well-designed proposal and web quote system provides an easy way for your website visitors to request custom quotes from your business, or simply place orders over the phone.

SeoToaster Ecommerce lets you choose whether the quote should appear instantly on the visitor screen, or if your sales staff should process and email it to your customers. Request upfront deposit payments on jobs, keep track of orders and automatically request complementary amounts, request along e signatures on quotes or proposals, set up recurring payment profiles, use PayPal or Stripe, send your invoices automatically to QuickBooks, all theses choices are yours, because all of it is available to you at no additional cost with SeoToaster. 

You can create quotes and full on dynamics proposals including images and videos in SeoToaster CRM from the Quotes screen and easily attach them to opportunities on the lead's screen. Additionally, successful quote use cases can be duplicated, or set as templates, saving time and effort.

Download SeoToaster Ecommerce

Complex sales often mean complex scenarios and custom development. While SeoToaster Ecommerce can handle many types of online quotes, you may still need more.

In that case, SeoToaster marketing experts and developers can help you customize or create a killer quote app seemlessly integrated with your website, lead/sales software or CRM system.

SeoSamba has successfully implemented ERPs for mid-size companies in a variety of industries including ritual services, maintenance services, accounting, distribution, retail and restaurant business. Thanks to our modern API, plug-in SDK, Zapier integrations, and supported by SeoToaster's partners and our professionals services team, build a competitive advantage with a custom Enterprise Resource Planning system at a fraction of the cost usually seen for these types of projects.

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