Hub & Spoke CMS?

"Information provided to your local websites as a utility over the Internet."

On-site and Off-site SEO for multiple websites

On top of its modern user interface, inline editing capabilities and most advanced SEO feature set, SeoToaster boasts a unique architecture powered by patent-pending hub & spoke technology . While others offer same-server solutions - which is a non-starter for SEO purposes -  SeoSamba's patent-pending Hub & Spoke Technology delivers the highest possible grade for multi-site search engine optimization and marketing management.

SEO Samba at a glance

SeoToaster powered websites or "spokes" can be connected to work together through a "hub", regardless of where they are hosted. You manage 100's of websites from a central "hub" interface by writing or using pre-defined search engine optimization behaviors, but at the same time also deploy plugins, themes, adverts and other contents to all and any of your websites in just one click.

We call this marketing hub SeoSamba. This system markets automatically your website to search engines, Web & RSS directories, social networks, and you also gain access to nifty tools such as real-time analytics and chat, point & click landing page testing, email marketing, unlimited press release distribution, and more.

Who uses our web marketing platform?

  • E-commerce website operators who wish to deploy multiple specialized Ecommerce web stores marketing a product family lineup, a single brand, or product while easily managing each from a central catalog hub website. SeoSamba allows you to offer unique design and content, including product description or pricing policy for each of your site seducing Google and visitors alike.
  • Franchises, manufacturers and MLM companies who wish to offer a best of breed web marketing platform and hard-to-replicate competitive advantage to their franchisees, distributors and dealers. SeoSamba offers optimal central website network management and marketing guaranteeing brand protection and replicable best practices. In addition to local website hosting - ideal for both hyper-local, and international franchises search engine performance, website themes editing capabilities can be tailored to each franchisee skill level ensuring maximum local representatives engagement. Location's ZIP search, social media, email marketing, news, PR distribution, analytics, online lead generation quoting engine, and our direct-to-franchise support is part of this one of a kind solution.
  • Trade associations, directories and solution providers who wish to offer a comprehensive web marketing solution and a competitive advantage to their members and customers.
  • Affiliate marketing operations tired of those limited low-end Wordpress plug-ins. Please see our affiliate section for more information.