Build campaign landing pages, create leads from other site's web forms, inbound calls, downloaded documents, quizzes, online chat, collect payments, store and follow-up with leads from your CRM all automatically

Ideal for PPC campaigns, product sale, events tickets sales, service requests, selling ebook.

SeoToaster CRM comes with a set of landing pages you can use right out of the box for your lead generation, marketing and PPC campaigns, and comes pre-configured so you can be ready to roll in about an hour.

Track every interaction a lead has with your brand from first visit to closed deal. Then use that data to connect with the right lead, at the right time, with the perfect message.

Thanks to our smart marketing and sales automation, save thousands of dollars in integration and licensing fees over competing solutions.


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Don't just create a website, create a marketing powerhouse that can scale to an number and types of online properties: CMS, Cart and CRM under one roof

SeoToaster is the ideal solution to build and market a new business or venture online, whether services or eCommerce.

SeoToaster CRM Ultimate edition combines SeoToaster CMS and SeoToaster Ecommerce and natively integrates with the SeoSamba marketing cloud.

This makes it the fastest way to  easy and very economical to build up your presence to a full website or webstore, and benefit from advanced marketing tools, all flawlessly integrated. 

Choose between self-hosted or cloud based hosting, either way your data remains private.


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