SeoToaster Manifesto

Imagine a content revision system so intuitive that your grandmother prefers it to Bingo. A website builder so easy to use that you no longer need to bribe your little nephew for help. A SEO CMS so powerful that you suspect your website is having an affair with a search engine. A new way to look at growth, where more websites mean compounding success – not more hassles.

Welcome to SeoToaster

You can't be everything to everyone. At SeoToaster we are adamant about respecting this mantra. Our focus is on small businesses – B2B and B2C services and small e-commerce websites. Our code is nimble. Our interface minimalist.

SeoToaster’s mission is to:

  1. Help small businesses improve their websites’ search ranking, including for search engines starting with the letter G.
  2. Help small businesses provide a compelling experience for their website visitors.
  3. Offer an incredibly satisfying experience to users, web developers, and SEO experts.

Join the effort. Because small businesses need champions. Because together we can invent a better wheel. Because that WordPress user experience was such a terrible mistake, one never meant to become a standard.

Because you like SEO, or because you hate SEO experts and want to see them starve to death (especially Michael Gray).

Because you love your grandmother. Or because you hate your little nephew.

It does not matter; we agree with you.

Join us and better yourself (and the SeoToaster code) by sacrificing countless hours of your irreplaceable youth while other guys get all the pretty ladies (but none of the glory).

Call For Help To The Community

We're currently seeking help for localizing our interface in multiple languages, including but not limited to;
Dutch, Japanese, Chinese, Arab, Swedish, Polish

If you would like to help with this effort, please go to the SeoToaster localization system, and translate away at your own pace.

Development Roadmap

You will find below the most immediate features that we seek to implement in the coming weeks:

SeoToaster CMS & Ecommerce 2.6 :