Open Source CMS Hosting Partner Program

Companies that provide website builders as part of their hosting services are invited to join the SeoToaster Hosting & Referral Partner Programs. This program is unlike everything you've seen from open source CMS firms as you earn cash commissions from your installed user base anytime they subscribe to one of our premium SeoSamba Internet marketing software offerings.

In other words, you can offer today a powerful, yet easy-to-use SEO marketing Website builder unlike any other in the market that will delight your clients, and differentiate your services while cashing in on any upgrade made by these customers at any point in the future.

Regardless of your partnership level we supply a reporting interface so that you can monitor sign-ups to the SeoSamba premium services, commissions amounts, and payments.

SeoToaster Website Builder Hosting Partner

New monthly recurring revenuesCommission on one month revenues from your entire subscriber base
From $0 up 10 % Cash via Pay-pal

Premium SeoToaster Website Builder Hosting Partner

Being a member of the Premium SeoToaster Hosting Partner not only gives you priority access to core staff, but also gives you a higher commissions structure than our SEO affiliate program when any user of your install based purchase a SeoToaster plugin or a subscription to SeoSamba's Internet Marketing Platform

Your also gain access to a number of unique tools - including the web builder edition version of SeoToaster - designed to make deployment and management easy, and help your users create a truly successful Internet presence.

We know for a fact that SeoToaster is a very sticky value proposition, and can help web host partners fight attrition, augment client satisfaction and revenues in the process.


Benefits of membership include:
 New monthly recurring revenuesCommission on one month revenues from your entire subscriber base
Tier 1 up to $1,000 10% with 4/5 Cash via Pay-pal - 1/5 Coop Marketing Funds
Tier 2 from $1,001 to $3,000 15% with 4/5 Cash via Pay-pal - 1/5 Coop Marketing Funds
Tier 3 from $3,001 25% with 4/5 Cash via Pay-pal - 1/5 Coop Marketing Funds
  • The right to use the official SeoToaster Hosting logo on your website & marketing material.
  • A listing in our upcoming community search & punctual marketing event participation.
  • Centralized SeoToaster white-paper - how to setup SeoToaster to have a single code base shared across many virtual accounts on a server.
  • Unlimited installation support to ensure your success.
  • Script to automate hosting account provisioning and management with WHMCS.
  • Integration support for WHMCS.
  • Access to "SeoToaster web builder" through an economical server based licensing.
  • Option to brand the entire SeoToaster + SeoSamba framework to your colors.
Premium SeoToaster hosting partner program investment:
Organization SizeCost
Single Member** $185 / year
Company: 2-10 $585 / year
Company: 11-25 $985 / year
Company: 26-49 $1,485 / year
Company: 50+ $3,285 / year

* Requires additional agreement.
** Sole Proprietors or Independent Contractors.

SeoToaster's Website Builder Hosting Partner program is not intended to be a support plan for site owners, but rather a private club for web hosts. Like any partnership program, applicants must meet a certain amount of base requirements for acceptance. We're eager to have you aboard, apply here!


SeoToaster Web builder:

SeoToaster is available with a simplified web builder interface through an economical server based licensing scheme.

Thanks to SeoToaster Web builder you can offer the power of the most advanced e-commerce SEO CMS coupled with foolproof content edition capabilities, and a set of ready-to-use pre-built premium websites suitable for a variety of industries.

Please contact us to discuss your project's perimeter and get pricing information for SeoToaster Web builder.