Users and developers love this CMS, and so will you

Whether it is a media intensive corporate web site, a good size web store, a membership web site, small lead generator, or news website project, with SeoToaster you can build it your way...just way faster. Forget TPL nightmare and antiquated e-commerce systems where design flexibility, content management, performance, and SEO are all afterthoughts. SeoToaster is a modern, powerful CMS coupled with an advanced e-commerce system where design is at the center of the experience. 

Easy to use even by novice clients with its in-line editor, and with built-in advanced automated SEO functionalities, you're sure to please the money guy.

We even have a proven business-in-a-box model ready just for you, so come in, we're toastin'!

Great UI meets street smart

Sure, sexy design and media intensive websites are a great way to help your corporate and e-commerce clients deliver their messages and sell more. However, we understand that you are constrained by page load times - which is a performance metric used by search engines to rank web pages.

This is why we've built parallel media downloads right into SeoToaster. This way that you can truly express your creativity and deliver more engaging & graphic intensive websites to your clients while keeping page load time to a minimum...leaving your web design agencies competitors in the dust. They'll be wondering why your media intensive web pages load 5X times faster than theirs.

We also lay the ground for you to enjoy increased margins by delivering SEO-included websites which produce high search engine rankings out-of-the-box.

So easy to theme

You are free to use table and font tags, or standard CSS3 and HTML5 for unlimited design options (we strongly recommend this latter option). Insert intuitive shortcuts and tokens within your code to create text, navigation, product, image, forms, cart, login box areas and style it all at will. It does not get easier than this.



If you are in a hurry, you can use our web hosting services, and/or add one of our free premiums themes to help you get started with your project. If your project is an e-commerce website, you'll be surprised by how fast (only about a minute) you can be in business with an advanced e-commerce shopping cart and integrated quote system for services sales.


Here are some of the features we hear are greatly appreciated by designers:

  1. Highlighting of HTML and CSS code for easy comprehension
  2. HTML & CSS code is automatically annotated
  3. 5 types of templates: Regular | Email | Product | Product Listing | Checkout
  4. Built-in email template system for great looking automated emails
  5. Flexible cart & quote layout: Design can be changed at will
  6. Intelligent media handling: File system tree to easily find files, automated image re-size and/or cropping, maximum set pixel, automated tagging, and more
  7. Media Servers: Automated media server activation for parallel downloads. When activated, media intensive web pages load at least 5 X times faster
  8. Advanced intelligent theming system: Switch themes and SeoToaster suggests  mapping for missing templates
  9. Simplified website builder user interface: Deploy content creation widgets to preserve your design and constraint users input types: "Text only" or "Image only" or "Product only".


Unbreakable design for reduced support

Clients love the ability to edit websites on their own, and in-line editing is surely as easy as it gets for them. However, the flexibility offered by SeoToaster's editing window might sometimes prove to be...well..too flexible for some users :-).

In order to minimize support calls, we utilize content widgets tailored to each client's technical abilities. With SeoToaster, you define areas within your design that you can style at will, and that accept only a specific type of content like "Text only" or "Image only" or "Product only". This makes your website theme & design virtually unbreakable.

Dressed to kill

We took great care creating a modern, fluid & intuitive user interface which also offers an unseen before set of user accessible edition capabilities:

  • In-line content editing customizable to user sophistication level
  • In-line product listings creation with total list design control
  • Point & click product options creation with price/weight modification
  • Image rotator widget with selectable effects
  • Image gallery widget
  • Forms builder widget
  • RSS feed readers widget
  • On-site Lucene search engine widget optimized for speed
  • Featured page & area widgets
  • Related pages widgets


Extendable & Supported

SeoToaster is leading the pack in user satisfaction according to users. Those users rate well ahead of more established systems like Joomla, Wordpress or OS Commerce.

Our extension marketplace includes 40 plug-ins which we have all built and are being used day-in and day out. Everything you need, plus simply rock solid.

SeoToaster's community span users in over 25 countries and growing. The last version of the user interface was available in 10 languages, and SeoToaster V3 is available in 3 languages at the outset.

SeoSamba is the company spearheading the development of SeoToaster, ensuring commercial grade support with a strategic commitment to its full development.