Why download SeoToaster CRM Ultimate?

SeoToaster CRM Ultimate is a powerful Customer Relationship Management software that let you track leads, activities, opportunies but also interations with your brand, and help you automate your sales process.

SeoToaster CRM Ultimate is built on top of SeoToaster CMS and SeoToaster Ecommerce. Thanks to its connection to the SambaSaaS marketing cloud, SeoToaster CRM Ultimate boasts built-in analytics, call tracking, VOIP integration, email newsletter integration, and saves users thousands of dollars in services integration fees, and loads of time.

SeoToaster CRM Ultimate is the ideal tool for web-centric organizations to build one or more websites, web stores, or get PPC campaigns up and running fast. SeoToaster CMS and Ecommerce are both free and open source components, while SeoToaster CRM includes a free 250 named users sales automation license.


Change log, New features

SeoToaster v3.4.0 New Features



  • Added support for the negative stock.
  • Added support for the flat partial payment amount
  • Added new type of the product option -> additional price
  • Added ability to delete from products options library
  • Added ability to set the custom date format for the postpurchase created
  • Added minimum order limit
  • Added throttle transactions
  • Improved product filters mechanism


  • Added quote link to the user orders grid
  • Added partial payments support for the quote system
  • Added ability to sign quotes (quote - signature)
  • Added ability to drag products inside the product list in quotes
  • Added new -> "quote signed only" status for the quote system
  • Added quote auto-saving (admin part)


  • Added invoice prefix label
  • Added support for partial payment for the PAYPAL on the quote page


  • Added ability to drag system popups.
  • Added width and height to featured only widget
  • Added sneak peek eye to all password fields.
  • Added browser spell check for "text only" widget

News system:

  • Added ability to exclude tags option for the news list widget
  • Added support for custom canonical URL (via MHUB only)

Email notification system:

  • Added mobile app support/configuration
  • Added "avatar link", "personal calendar URL" and lead source lexemes for email templates


  • Added dashboard welcome screen
  • Added email validation service for the leads emails
  • Added goals configuration screen
  • Added ability to specify due date for the tasks
  • Added IMAP configuration screen for salesperson role
  • Added tags assigning via workflows
  • Added lead source for the workflows
  • Added user/lead group synchronization
  • Added merging lead documents during a lead merge
  • Added advertiser accounts config
  • Added additional notifications for the tasks
  • Added additional notifications for meetings
  • Added mass-action for the organizations' grid - delete organizations

General improvements:

  • Added support for the PHP 7.4
  • Different fixes and optimization


SeoToaster CRM v3.0 Features

  • Contacts management
  • Organizations management
  • Sales opportunities tracking
  • Products and services catalogue
  • Sales quote builder with private quotes
  • Online payment collection
  • Mobile adapted interface for on-the-go usage
  • Integrated web form builder for local or outside website deployment
  • Integrated landing page builder with 4 pre-built landing pages
  • Integrated Open Source Content Management System SeoToaster CMS
  • Integrated Open Source Shopping Cart System SeoToaster Ecommerce
  • Extensible to support full CMS or Ecommerce website
  • Available in locally deployable version or cloud CRM version

Marketing & sales automation integrated right within your CRM with:

  • Contact website visit tracking across one or multiple domains**
  • Inbound form tracking
  • Cart sales tracking
  • Outbound email tracking
  • Email recipient opening tracking
  • Email recipient attachment tracking
  • Automated email marketing drip sequences
  • Filter and add emails to Constant Contact or SeoSamba Email marketing services in a click
  • Newsletter campaigns send/open/click tracking from contact timeline when using SeoSamba email services
  • Documents/white papers download tracking
  • Automated sales lead source tracking
  • Sales quote viewing tracking
  • Sales quote real-time viewing alert and chat initiation
  • Automated lead contact creation from Olark chat
  • Web form and 3rd party direct API and Zapier events connection workflow creator: Assign automatically lead owner/follow-up tasks/email drip sequence/stages...
  • Digital products download tracking
  • Sales coupons issuing and tracking
  • Inbound phone call tracking and contact creation*
  • Outbound call tracking*
  • Website buyer SMS notifications*
  • Inbound form prospect SMS notifications*
  • Inbound form sales rep SMS notifications*
  • Missed inbound call sales rep SMS notifications*


* Requires a SeoSamba phone number. Starts at $5 a month and 3 cts a SMS and per min.

** Requires a SeoSamba free account


Plus marketing automation from the cloud with a SeoSamba Free account; 

  • Multi-account social marketing calendar/curation
  • Multi-website organic search ranking tracking
  • Email newsletter marketing services with drag & drop editor
  • Centralized blogging with drag & drop editor
  • Press release distribution
  • Adwords account performance tracking
  • Other advertising platforms (Facebook etc..) performance tracking

SeoToaster v2.5 New Features

  • Send SMS auto-reply from web forms
  • Send SMS notifications for received & shipped orders
  • 1-click implementation for web-to-call-widget
  • Faster web serving with a new cache
  • Faster web building with more developer tools
  • Works nicely on any shared hosting
  • Optimized Default Image: "No image changed" optimized for load speed.
  • Search by Page Type: The search widget can now filter results by product pages, news pages, or regular pages.
  • Alphabetic Sort: Ability to sort items in a featured area in alphabetical order.
  • Extended CRM services: More features added to the Salesforce Cloud App services.
  • New Events Function: Add dates and locations to any news or blog post.
  • Improved XML feeds generation: Feeds are now generated dynamically to improve performance and load times.
  • Upgraded videolink API.
  • Multiple security improvements.
  • Added Translations.

What Version Of SeoToaster CRM Ultimate Should I Download?

SeoToaster CRM Ultimate v3.5 is the latest public version, and was released on the 18th of July 2022. The next major public release in due in July 2023.

SeoToaster v3.5.0 New Features

E-commerce / Sales Proposals:

  • Added operational hours verification support for add-to-cart button and checkout. Add the ability to disable stores based on your hours of operations.
  • Added ability to hide some product options on the checkout
  • Added support for minimum order amount
  • Added maximum allowed products in the quote configuration
  • Added quote expiration notifications
  • Improve shipping calculation for the quote system
  • Added partial payment reminder notification
  • Added ability to assign suppliers on the product screen
  • Added information about first and second partial payments
  • Added default order filter preset
  • Added "without groups" Magicspace
  • Added quote info in the order details screen
  • Added subfolder support for PWA
  • Added ability to verify spam (spam filter) for system forms
  • Updated version of the TinyMCE editor (5.5.1)
  • Added auto reply form email/pdf attachment support


  • Added IMAP parsing rules
  • Added partially paid info in the timeline
  • Added processing multiple Ad accounts for rules
  • Added ability to parse additional params during user registration
  • Added unassigned email lists to the rules

General improvements:

  • Added support for php7.4
  • Updated MPDF library version to 8