Develop & Market Your SeoToaster Plugins

SeoToaster is a great platform to develop your own plugins. Free and open source, SeoToaster lets developers website developers easily extend front-end and back-end functionalities for their own needs or for all SeoToaster CMS and SeoToaster Ecommerce users.

SeoToaster's simple and efficient system of tokens and widgets makes it easy to develop new types of content input area, your own tokens and widgets, as well as more advanced back-end functionalities that can be shared with the SeoToaster Community, or monetized through the SeoToaster Plugins Marketplace.

How To Develop SeoToaster Plugins

SeoToaster is built upon a 100% Object Oriented Programming (OOP) architecture. It requires mysql5, PhP5.33, and ships with Jquery, Tiny MCE, Zend libraries. You can check out the minimum requirements for SeoToaster CMS for more information.

Unleash your imagination, and develop away. If you need help, we'll be happy to answer all your questions on our Q&A section or support forum.

Before you get started, please check out our SeoToaster Plugin License, and the following resources we've put together to help you develop great plugins for SeoToaster.

SeoToaster Plugins Development Platform

Our online SeoToaster Plugins Development Platform will teach you how to create you plug-in from simple widgets to more advanced applications interacting with the system on every possible level.

SeoToaster Plugin Development Kit

The SeoToaster Plugin Development Kit is a Bootstrap code kit on GitHub to develop SeoToaster 2 plugins easily and rapidly.

SeoToaster Flexkit

To help your further with design, the SeoToaster Flexkit platform is a self-intuitive and powerful CSS framework for flash-like and elegant creation of themes for SeoToaster.

SeoToaster Ecommerce REST API

The SeoToaster Ecommerce REST API platform is a specific API to help you easily develop, design, and test, advanced functions and plugins for SeoToaster Ecommerce, using HTTP protocals with practically any programming language.

SeoToaster SourceForge

The SeoToaster SourceForge is an extensive resource for all developers for both SeoToaster CMS and SeoToaster Ecommerce. You will find a Wiki to listing all development resources, a file repository with the latest SeoToaster versions, and other option such as support ticket system, reviews, blog and online discussion.

How To Market SeoToaster Plugins

Once you feel your plug-in or theme is ready for sharing, we only ask of you to make sure your work meet our SeoToaster Marketplace Requirements.

To earn money with your work, just contact us to submit it for review, then read our SeoToaster Marketplace Fees & General Terms for more details on how you can work harmoneously with us to monetize your work.

We leave it to you to decide if you want to sell your plugin upon submission or let people use it for free. If you decide to sell then please use one of the following price plans:

  1. $25 or $2.99/month
    Use this price plan for video players, support tools, and basic corporate website themes.

  2. $75 or $6.99/month
    Use this price plan for real-time shipping providers interface, social plug-ins, lead generation tools, multimedia apps, and most e-commerce website themes.

  3. $250 or $14.99/month
    Use this price plan for payment gateways, shipping gateways, advanced programming plugins, and CRM integrations.

  4. $39.99/month
    Comprehensive business models such as classified ad systems, reverse auction systems, etc.

Other Ways To Make Money With SeoToaster

With SeoToaster you can make money developing your own apps, plugins and themes, but you can also earn commissions on other SeoToaster plug-ins, each recurring plug-ins sale counting towards achieving commission tier count requirements.

You can also earn the highest paying commissions whenever you refer customers that puchase turnkey websites or services with SeoToaster.

Finally, you can earn commissions when your referred customers purchase a subscription to the online marketing platform SambaSaaS, that connects any number of SeoToaster powered websites CMS. This new architecture offers a tremendous opportunity for adopters of early developers. 

For more information on reselling and earning commissions with SeoToaster, please consult our Affiliate Program.

For more information on reselling and earning commissions with SeoSamba, please contact us through the SeoSamba website.