Much More Than An E-commerce Website Builder

By using the combined power of SeoToaster's open source website editor & SeoSamba's centralized marketing platform, you can launch vertical web marketing applications that rock, and delight end-users with an advanced content management system that they will get in no time.

Whether you're new in the industry or already running Web directories, PPC management, Email or other solutions, you can expand your sales perimeter and offer unique, ongoing & automated SEO execution and e-commerce-related services that are very sticky

  • Offer an entirely branded experience including hosting, control panel, registration and organic web marketing functionalities.
  • Spend time building your business and your vertical value proposition, not your SEO back-end functionalities.
  • Bundle a front-end with an offering that your sales team will love selling.
  • Provide a multi-lingual interface for international clientele out-of-the-box.
  • Add open source to your mix and relieve adoption fears and differentiate your sales pitch.
  • And we develop custom on-boarding client processes, extensions & modules specific to your industry and/or geography.

There's a Great Built-in Business Model

Each situation varies, but at a minimum business solutions providers partnering with SeoToaster & SeoSamba benefit from:

  • Recurring centralized marketing software license commissions
  • Recurring plug-ins license commissions
  • Resell hands-off & high margin value added professional services packages under your own brand
  • Defend existing customers accounts against larger & more comprehensive service providers
  • Further entrench with existing customer accounts thanks to higher engagement service
  • Gain new marketing exposure and marketing opportunities

SeoToaster, Your Sustainable Partner With Built-in Business Continuity

SeoSamba, the U.S based company behind SeoToaster, has standardized with SeoToaster for the front-end of its Internet marketing and search engine optimization platform.

SeoSamba is a profitable company ran by an International team of coders and marketers who joined forces to spearhead a brand new experience for website owners, designers, agencies, marketers & entrepreneurs.

The open source front-end also ensures maintainability for business solutions partner's technical platform. In addition, the marketing savvy SeoToaster community provides a great opportunity to tap into to further business opportunities.