Multistore Ecommerce Is In Our DNA

Starting with 2 web stores, and whether you're sharing part or all of a central product catalog, SeoSamba is uniquely suited to power large scale deployments with unparallelled flexibility.

The distributed multistore ecommerce platform architecture means that your webstores are not contrainst in terms of design nor custom functionalities while still offering a single point of catalogue distribution, search engine optimization, and marketing as well as financial reporting.

In addition, SeoToaster's e commerce multi site architecture does not have a single point of failure, as web store can run on independently hosts, Class C IP adddresses and geolocated to the markets they are intended to serve.  

Connect all your SeoToaster Ecommerce based online stores to a single point of control by subscribing to SeoSamba's multisites cloud marketing OS.

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Our professional services team and agency partners have built 1000's of web sites on the SeoSamba framework combining SeoSamba's Cloud Marketing Operating System and SeoToaster Ultimate, the 4 in 1 system combining a powerful Content Management System, a Blog, an cart, and an integrated Customer Relationship Management - CRM System. 

Our Multistore Ecommerce services include subscription-based marketing services, free training & technical support, and over 150 QA checkpoints, certified W3C, and American Disability Act compliance.

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