Why Download SeoToaster Ecommerce?

Free and open source, SeoToaster Ecommerce web site builder is the most cost effective solution to build rapidly, manage easily, and market endlessly web stores to sell physical goods and digital products, and build B2B websites with automated online quotes.

Connected to SeoSamba's online marketing platform, SeoToaster Ecommerce is also a powerful solution to create multi-store networks of independant shops or multiple web stores sharing a centralized catalog for franchise networks, affiliate networks, SEO consultants and web agencies.

SeoToaster Ecommerce - Open Source Web Store Builder

What Version Of SeoToaster Ecommerce Should I Download?

SeoToaster Ecommerce v3.4.0 is the latest version, read more about it here (press release) or here (New Functions & Change Log).

Added support for the negative stock.
Added support for the flat partial payment amount
Added new type of the product option -> additional price
Added ability to delete from products options library
Added ability to set the custom date format for the postpurchase created
Added minimum order limit
Added throttle transactions
Improved product filters mechanism

Added quote link to the user orders grid
Added partial payments support for the quote system
Added ability to sign quotes (quote - signature)
Added ability to drag products inside the product list in quotes
Added new -> "quote signed only" status for the quote system
Added quote auto-saving (admin part)

Added invoice prefix label
Added support for partial payment for the PAYPAL on the quote page

Added ability to drag system popups.
Added width and height to featured only widget
Added sneak peek eye to all password fields.
Added browser spell check for "text only" widget

News system:
Added ability to exclude tags option for the news list widget
Added support for custom canonical URL (via MHUB only)
Email notification system:
Added mobile app support/configuration
Added "avatar link", "personal calendar URL" and lead source lexemes for email templates

Added dashboard welcome screen
Added email validation service for the leads emails
Added goals configuration screen
Added ability to specify due date for the tasks
Added IMAP configuration screen for salesperson role
Added tags assigning via workflows
Added lead source for the workflows
Added user/lead group synchronization
Added merging lead documents during a lead merge
Added advertiser accounts config
Added additional notifications for the tasks
Added additional notifications for meetings
Added mass-action for the organizations' grid - delete organizations

General improvements:
Added support for the PHP 7.4
Different fixes and optimization