SeoToaster: What's New?

SeoToaster v3.4.0 just got even better, faster and more intuitive. With huge improvements deployed for both the CMS side and the marketing/sales side of the product. With the SeoSamba all-in-one marketing software integrated seamlessly with the SeoToaster Ultimate CRM, you don't need to pay extra for any 3rd party marketing/sales tools. SeoToaster: All you need to succeed online.

SeoToaster Ecommerce v3.4.0, a world-class shopping cart software featuring offline sales, B2B quotes and networked catalogs, is also getting a serious boost with many new e-commerce management tools, with over 1000 powerful integrations (Constant Contact, Paypal, Google Maps…), and extended functions for email and SMS communications. Improve your cart abandonment conversion rates by 160% thanks to the built-in combined email and text remarketing feature.

All versions of SeoToaster CMS and SeoToaster Ecommerce benefit from upgraded CRM functionalities and services, a new event management system, and many other website administration tools.

SeoToaster v3.4.0 New Features


  • Added support for the negative stock.
  • Added support for the flat partial payment amount
  • Added new type of the product option -> additional price
  • Added ability to delete from products options library
  • Added ability to set the custom date format for the postpurchase created
  • Added minimum order limit
  • Added throttle transactions
  • Improved product filters mechanism


  • Added quote link to the user orders grid
  • Added partial payments support for the quote system
  • Added ability to sign quotes (quote - signature)
  • Added ability to drag products inside the product list in quotes
  • Added new -> "quote signed only" status for the quote system
  • Added quote auto-saving (admin part)


  • Added invoice prefix label
  • Added support for partial payment for the PAYPAL on the quote page


  • Added ability to drag system popups.
  • Added width and height to featured only widget
  • Added sneak peek eye to all password fields.
  • Added browser spell check for "text only" widget

News system:

  • Added ability to exclude tags option for the news list widget
  • Added support for custom canonical URL (via MHUB only)

Email notification system:

  • Added mobile app support/configuration
  • Added "avatar link", "personal calendar URL" and lead source lexemes for email templates


  • Added dashboard welcome screen
  • Added email validation service for the leads emails
  • Added goals configuration screen
  • Added ability to specify due date for the tasks
  • Added IMAP configuration screen for salesperson role
  • Added tags assigning via workflows
  • Added lead source for the workflows
  • Added user/lead group synchronization
  • Added merging lead documents during a lead merge
  • Added advertiser accounts config
  • Added additional notifications for the tasks
  • Added additional notifications for meetings
  • Added mass-action for the organizations' grid - delete organizations

General improvements:

  • Added support for the PHP 7.4
  • Different fixes and optimization

SeoToaster Change Log


Change log, New features

Latest Change log:

  • July 24th 2020 SEOTOASTER V3.2

  • SeoToaster CMS

  • Added Voip for the users screen
  • Added strict option for the general website search
    Added page folders functional
    Added user prefix
    Added "don't send reply email" for the forms
    Added filter by role on "manage users grid"
    Added PWA support
    Added blacklist for the forms
    Added page preview crop
    Add copy link for the files on the "Media" screen
    Added user remote authorization
    Added ability to login as user on the manage users screen
    Added copyright widget
    Changed mobile and phone masks format for FR and GB
  • SeoToaster Shopping Cart

  • Added suppliers functional 
    Added zone restrictions for the coupons 
    Added default user group after the registration during checkout 
    Added product inventory and qty to product lists 
    Added one time use coupon 
    Added wish-list functional 
    Added product dimensions (height, width, length) 
    Added salesperson only - magic space 
    Added signature to the profile screen 
    Added purchase a gift option during checkout 
    Added user groups assignment based on the customer params 
    Added product custom attributes 
    Added order sub-type 
    Added group-only- magicspace 
    Added notify-me widget 
    Added non taxable group 
    Added custom label for the shipping service
  • Added reccuring billing support
  • SeoToaster Ultimate CRM

    Added more search options to the lead and organization filters
    Added organization notes
    Added lead filtration for the graphs.
    Added default mobile country code and country code
    Added sales by lead tag graph
    Added opportunities stats for the organizations
    Added ability to merge several leads manual/mass action
    Added organization website for the organization
    Added ability to archive sequence
    Added mass lead delete functional
    Added bounce emails support
    Added lead mass deletion
    Added support for the external forms sms
    Added custom field tabs
    Added log for emailsequence emails
    Added lead workflow configuration screen
    Added bcc tracking emails
    Added additional ip-address tracking

  • June 14th 2018 SEOTOASTER V3.0

    Added nested templates usage in the containers
    Added repeat widget.
    Added new media types support ogg, webm & ogv, docx, text/x-vcard
    Added admin email templates for the form settings.
    Added user attributes to the manage user screen.
    Added users timezone.
    Added grecaptcha multiply support.
    Added default image height attribute.
    Added custom redirect to the login.
    Added mobile and desktop country code support.
    Added user invitation action email.
    Added support for optional params during member signup.
    Added switch index page.
    Added store operational hours.
    Extended dashboard filters.
    Added width, length, depth and gtin product attributes.
    Different fixes and improvements.
    Added Spanish translation.
    Added brand new CRM.
  • Latest Change log:

    • June 14th 2018 SEOTOASTER V3.0

    • Added nested templates usage in the containers
      Added repeat widget.
      Added new media types support ogg, webm & ogv, docx, text/x-vcard
      Added admin email templates for the form settings.
      Added user attributes to the manage user screen.
      Added users timezone.
      Added grecaptcha multiply support.
      Added default image height attribute.
      Added custom redirect to the login.
      Added mobile and desktop country code support.
      Added user invitation action email.
      Added support for optional params during member signup.
      Added switch index page.
      Added store operational hours.
      Extended dashboard filters.
      Added width, length, depth and gtin product attributes.
      Different fixes and improvements.
      Added Spanish translation.
      Added brand new CRM.
    • February 29th 2016 SEOTOASTER V2.5

      (Thanks to Сuresec for security audit and collaboration)

      ---------New SeoToaster CMS Features (v2.5)--------
      Optimized Default Image: "No image changed" optimized for load speed.
      Search by Page Type: The search widget can now filter results by product pages, news pages, or regular pages.
      Alphabetic Sort: Ability to sort items in a featured area in alphabetical order.
      Extended CRM services: More features added to the Salesforce Cloud App services.
      New Events Function: Add dates and locations to any news or blog post.
      Improved xml feeds generation: Feeds are now generated dynamically to improve performance and load times.
      Upgraded Videolink API
      Multiple security improvements.
      Added Translations: SeoToaster is now available in more languages.

      ---------New SeoToaster Ecommerce Features (v2.5)--------
      New Notes Fields: Notes can now be added directly to a customer profile from the SeoToaster dashboard.
      New Email Invoices: Added trigger to send invoice by email. All SeoToaster Ecommerce widgets can use this action email, with automatic PDF attachment.
      New SMS Function: Ecommerce website admins can now action a trigger to send instant order notification via SMS automatically to customers.
      New Pickup Functions: The new pickup widget is now available in the post-purchase pages.
      New Refund Features: You can now refund client's credit card partially or in full from the Dashboard/orders tab for the PayPal and (plug-in available on marketplace) payment gateways.
      New Coupon Widget: Coupon codes can now be applied in an order and added to email, invoice, and order details on the dashboard with a special widget.
      Coupon Sales Report: You can now view sales where a coupon has been used by client directly on SeoToaster Ecommerce’s dashboard (Sales tab).
      More Apps Services: Now you can add customers directly from the Dashboard to Constant Contact, but also to SalesForce and InfusionSoft accounts.
      New Statistics Views & Downloads: Statistics are now available in different views (graphics, tables...) from the dashboard, and can be downloaded as a CSV file.
      New Edition Functions: billing and shipping address can now be edited in customers profiles directly on the dashboard.
      Improved Quotes Search: It’s easier than ever to find and filter quotes.
      Option-level Stock Management: Track inventory level down to product variants such as colors and sizes.

      May 11th 2015 SEOTOASTER V2.4

      ---------New SeoToaster V2.4 CMS features--------------
      Added new launch theme for CMS version with on-screen walk-through
      Added single sign-on with Facebook/G+/LinkedIn to membership system
      Added direct external link in menu from edit properties screen
      Added Indonesian language pack
      Improved direct upload behavior
      Updated version of chosen lib
      Further page load optimization
      ---------New SeoToaster V2.4 Ecommerce features--------------
      Added built-in multiple pickup location
      Added Free Paypal payment gateway
      Improved export orders
      Improved default email templates
      Improved mobile number formatting/handling for SMS services on checkout
      Improved error handling on checkout
      Improved mobile checkout
      Improve tooltips throughout screens
      ---------SeoToaster V2.4 CMS fixes--------
      Fixed security issues.
      Fixed subfolder redirect
      Fixed sitemap when used as a blog.
      Fixed search with accents and numbers
      Fixed image crop behavior
      -----SeoToaster V2.4 Ecommerce fixes--------
      Fixed IE8 checkout compatibility
      Fixed disabled products purchase prevention
      Fixed tag name creation 

      May 13th 2014 SEOTOASTER 2.2 MAIN NEW FEATURES

      • Built-in media servers providing up to five-times faster web serving, regardless of your web hosting provider.

      • New specialized inline editor types (imageonly, textonly…)to build unbreakable website themes and minimize end-user support calls.

      • Built-in tripwire web form protections to prevent bots to spam your email without interfering with conversion objectives, as sometimes Recaptcha does.

      • Inline product promotion building: add the promotion to your landing pages, and the system takes care of building the logic for you.

      • Inline product lists building, no need to alter templates to add/edit automated products lists.

      • A redesigned store dashboard theme that introduces custom fields, and more filters to easily find and process transactions.

    • April 4th 2014 SEOTOASTER 2.2 ECOMMERCE

      Product and Productlist widgets improvements:

      • added "crop" option for $product:photourl
      • added the ability to adjust the limit of displaying products in the productlist widget
      • added ability to sort by date in productlist
      • added productlist "tagnames" option to list by product tag names
      • productlist filtering by tags can uses AND logic by default with ability to enable OR logic
      • products with zero price shown with "Go to product" link in product list instead of "Add to Cart" button. Configurable option

      Improved organic product search logic on store backend: e.g "Add/Edit Product" screen, "Add Product to Quote"

      Added inline freebies products

      Added tax calculation for shipping and discount

      Added customer widget

      Added custom fields for checkout forms. With access from dashboard

      Added packing slip pdf generation

      Updated dashboard html layout

      Empty orders no longer shown in dashboard

      Disabled products are no longer shown in "sitemapproducts.xml"

      Fixed a problem with a non-existent page after removing the product

      Added image uploader on the "Add/edit Product" screen


    • April 4th 2014 SEOTOASTER 2.2 CMS

      New shiny and gorgeous interface. Automated backup & versioning system. Addition of Slovenian & Italian language packs.

      All HTML system output are now W3C certified (except Recaptcha who’s provided by Google). All plug-ins available on our marketplace are also W3C certified.

      New editor types to build unbreakable themes: imageonly, textonly, directupload, featuredonly, galleryonly, videolink

      Anti-spam improvements for Form Widgets: Various captcha options Tripwire protection against spam robots.

      Content Editor. Spell checker plugin is removed due to end-of-life service from Google API.

      Nomenu pages are listed on the "Organize pages" screen.

      Mobile devices friendly: Widget Mobile added. Device Magicspace added. * User attributes widget added.

      Magicspaces recursive parsing: run magicspace inside magicspace O_o Search engine refactored, optimized and improved.

      Added 'AJAX' option for Content Widget: loads content after page Added readonly option to Prepop Widget. Added readonly option to Content Widget.

      MainMenu Widget now supports customs templates.

      Page Widget new options added: {*$page:preview:crop} - Renders cropped page preview image

      ConcatCSS: Compressor is disabled for IE < 9. ConcatCSS: New compressor added.

      Sitemap is cleaned from unnecessary pages. Website.kml is embedded into the sitemap.xml automatically.

      Site protocol verification (HTTP / HTTPS) and corresponding parameters are added.

      Extended cache lifetime for all widgets.

      Installer: verification for missing json extension. (PHP 5.5 specific).


    • May 29th 2013 SEOTOASTER 2.1 Ecommerce

      * NEW - Merchandising system

          * Coupons system

          * Customers groups

          * Group pricing

          * On sale prices

      * NEW - Simple inventory system

      * NEW - Free shipping per product option

      * NEW - Product as set with automated price computation

      * NEW - Product price widget: live update on changing options

      * refactored product option widgets and

      * refactored cart session content option storage mechanism

      * updated Store REST API access permissions and functionality

      * added german translation by Ronny Kumke /

      * added Czech translation by Armen Sargsyan /

      * added Spanish translation by Anjo Solano Boixados /

      * added Australian states list

      * major fixes

          * product listing crash when product missing page

          * product option rendering when switching over products

          * restoring product options

          * tax included price rendering

      See commit history on Github at


    • May 28th 2013 SEOTOASTER 2.1 CMS

       * NEW - reworked theme system

          * Imroved template engine

          * Added intellegent website export mechanism

          * Added plugin hook for website export

          * Updated theme.api

      * NEW - Mobile template system 

      * NEW - form conversion tracking system

      * NEW - image optimization mechanism in upload media section

      * NEW - ReCaptcha integration with forms

      * NEW - advanced search system for prepops

      * NEW - Integrated blog & news system

      * NEW - Social network poster with FB/Twitter/LinkedIn (require free SEO Samba account) 

      * NEW - Integrated specialized web builder content edition blocks: Text only | Direct Upload | Image Only | Featured Area Only | Gallerie Only

      * Improved installer

      * Improved search engine

      * Improved mailing system

      * Improved sitemap generator with plugin hook

      * Added optional parameters parsing for magic spaces

      * Added russian, czech, german, spanish translations

      * Added Google+ profile integration for Blog/CMS users

      * Switched to latest jQuery & jQueryUI version

      * Updated all third party javascript libraries (TinyMCE, Fancybox, Chosen, etc.)

      * Removed support of mysqli php extension

      * Fixed password reset mechanism

      * small fixed and improvements 

      August 21st 2012 SEOToaster 2.0.3 (Update)


      • Installer bug on servers with FASTCGI PHP configuration
      • Installer bug on translator initialization for non english environment
      • Form saving bug.
    • June 20th 2012 seotoaster 2.0 Core (Ecommerce version is coming up next)


      • New core: 100% Object Oriented Programming. No monkey on our back.
      • Redesigned User Interface that is also faster
      • Website ID card to help with template normalization and SEO
      • Auto-save content editor
      • Great looking automated email that are very easy-to-use with an Email facility that can also be triggered by plug-ins
      • “Magic Space” technology: Inline content manipulation capability via Plug-Ins.
      • Unbreakable themes: Prevent users from destroying your carefully designed websites thanks to restrictive content type blocks
      • Automated KML file building for local search and Google Earth
      • In-line visual networked content; point, click, and add central content from SEO Samba right into your website
      • New templating system
      • New page organizer
      • New free themes
      • New widgets
      • New plugins
      • New contextual help links
      • New training videos
      • New Q&A website


      • Faster with integrated parallel media download
      • Solidified Plugin system
      • Solidified Widget system
      • Better caching system
      • Widely improved Lucene search engine performance
      • Membership system that is now extendable
      • Quick on-page edit for inline editor & area/block highlight for visual clues
      • CSS editor with line count, and error highlighning
      • Complete revisit of the installation experience

    Previous Change Logs:

    • January 5th 2011 seotoaster.v.1.9


      • You can now add freebies and create product packs promotions. Sell one and offer up to 3 products/freebies along with it.
      • When trying to access the admin panel at /go with IE, we display a warning message
      • We update product quantity, and cart totals on checkout page automatically (don't need "update cart" button)
      • You cna now display product prices with tax included. Ideal for European and Australian stores. When selecting this option under tax config screen, we automatically display related fields on checkout page as well.
      • Quote management screen received a facelift: added search, pagination
      • Quotes now display local dates format. Set quote expiration date, and prospects can't access quotes url's anymore.


      • plugin zip uploading
      • system does not reset product templates to default basic page template when switching themes.
      • unsupported varriable: xrss widget
      • css on checkout screen for IE 7+


      • plugin system
      • system routing
      • seosamba interaction module
      • caching system
    • October 7th 2010 seotoaster.v.1.8.3

      change log

      • Fixed all known bugs
      • Added plugins system
      • Ability to show product prices with tax
      • Auto computation of tax based on default customer location or shop location
      • Added product review system
      • Added changes to the main theme
    • October 6th 2010 seotoaster.v.1.8.2

      change log

      • Fixed upload images bug
      • Fixed links_list " bug
      • Fixed .png uploading bug
      • Fixed deeplink removing bug
      • Fixed \- bug in 301 redirects
      • Fixed bug with Product category
      • Fixed config update bug
      • Fixed deeplinks mass deletion bug
      • Added print button to HTML quotes (on top of PDF generation)
      • Added new default ecommerce seotoaster theme
      • Added star-rating widget for products
      • Added instant quote widget for product template (add 'request a quote for this product' functionality to your product templates)
      • New quote management screen: columns are now sortable
      • Added automated instant quote generation (ideal when sales staff is on week-ends)
      • Added PDF invoice generation when quote status is changed to "sold"
      • Added "Last changed by" tracking to quotes and quote management screen