Be in the know with web store analytics & reporting

Get all critical data and charts for your e-commerce operations at a glance. The default SeoToaster Ecommerce download ships with a great e-commerce store dashboard that gives you a snapshot of how well your web store is doing today. It's all there at http://yourwebsite.url/dashboard/ ready to use for you.

The default dashboard includes your sales and quotes count along with top sellers for the day. You also have direct access to the latest customers information, and their orders.

You can also compare today's performance with the last 7, or 30 days, as well as the current week and month. The default SeoToaster dashboard theme  includes a sales tab, a customer tab, a quote tab, a product tab, and an order tab.

shopping cart reports dashboard

Real-time Multi-store Web Traffic Analytics

SeoToaster helps you deploy Google or any other analytics code with a single operation throughout your website from the Website ID card, should you want to run multiple web analytics services concurrently.

SeoToaster comes with a full-fledged multi-store aggregated analytics system. Just open a free account with SeoSamba through your Website ID card, and thanks to our instant deployment technology, it is hassle-free and works instantly without further intervention on your part.

At a glance you get all important traffic metrics, then drill down to access comprehensive reports, set objectives and funnels, and all data is in real-time. You can even configure convenient email reports to reach your inbox on a regular basis.


seosamba website analytics

Customize Your Web Store Dashboards

SeoToaster's powerful and flexible e-commerce dashboard technology gives you total control over the back office organization that is right for your own Web store operations.

Store dashboards can be built from scratch, customized at will, or downloaded from the SeoToaster Plugins Marketplace to power your free and open source SeoToaster Ecommerce store. 

Offer a uniquely customized environment to your sales and customer services staff. Thanks to SeoToaster's inline content editor, you can click and edit dashboards like you would with any other of your website's pages.

It is simple as pie to add and edit the latest sales information, product training videos, or an iframe to an ERP system, or a plugin code to tap into your CRM system.

By the same token, you can also easily edit CSS styles and customize your dashboard look & feel, and layout. there's simply no limits to what you can do.


shopping cart sales dashboard

More Ecommerce Management Features

  • E-commerce Store Dashboard E-commerce Store Dashboard Get critical data and charts for your e-commerce operations at a glance. Store dashboards can be customized at will by uploading new dashboard themes to your free and open source SeoToaster Ecommerce install.
  • Shopping Cart Sales Dashboard Sales Dashboard Default reporting capabilities includes sales and quotes count, along with the average order amount; as well as sales breakdown by customer, by product type, brand, tags, and location.
  • Powerful, Fast & Secure Online Quotes Web Quote System SeoToaster integrates a powerful web-based quoting engine ideal for handling "complex sales" scenarios. In today's B2B website marketing, your ability to provide online instant or rapid quotes to your website visitors is critical to the online sales ...
  • Shopping Cart's Client Area Client Area SeoToaster Ecommerce offers a great online client area where web store owners can manage orders, and customers get access to their past and current order's shipping status.
  • Order Management Order Management A comprehensive order management system at your fingertips. Instant at-a-glance access, rapid search, powerful filters, with an ability to trigger emails automatically.
  • Store Catalog Management Catalog Management Store back-end area offers a powerful mass product management interface. From this area, count just one minute to add or delete a product tag, modify pricing or tax classification across thousands of products as required.