SeoToaster releases new CMS & Ecommerce editions (v2.5)

seotoaster_pr_v2 5

Camden, DE - 02/19/2016 - SeoSamba, Inc. just announced the release of new and improved editions (v2.5) of the ​open source CMS & Ecommerce website builder SeoToaster, which helps business owners, designers and developers build rapidly, manage easily and market efficiently websites that are optimized for top search engine performance.

Already featuring click and edit capabilities, automated white hat SEO, and social marketing tools, SeoToaster CMS v2.5 has been upgraded with more functions to expand CMS and Ecommerce capabilities optimize user experiences and search engine rankings.

“SeoToaster v2.5 comes with many improvements responding to the main request from our users, which is to simplify event further the administration and management of their websites, but that also vastly improve SeoToaster in every department, from SEO to e-commerce and online marketing,” said David Culot, co-founder of SeoSamba.

SeoToaster Ecommerce v2.5, a world-class shopping cart software featuring offline sales, B2B quotes and networked catalogs, is also getting a serious boost with many new e-commerce management tools, new powerful integrations (Constant Contact, SalesForce, InfusionSoft…), and extended functions for email and SMS communications.

Both 2.5 versions of SeoToaster CMS and SeoToaster Ecommerce also benefit from upgraded CRM functionalities and services, a new event management system, and many other website administration tools.

“We’re proud to present these new versions of SeoToaster, and to help our growing community of users stay further ahead of the crowd,” said Michel Leconte, CEO of SeoSamba. “It’s for them that we keep improving and upgrading our software which will always remain open source and free for all to use,” Mr Leconte concluded.

For more information on SeoToaster CMS 2.5 and SeoToaster Ecommerce 2.5, or to contact the SeoToaster Team, please visit

New SeoToaster CMS Features (v2.5)

  • Optimized Default Image: "No image changed" optimized for load speed.
  • Search by Page Type: The search widget can now filter results by product pages, news pages, or regular pages.
  • Alphabetic Sort: Ability to sort items in a featured area in alphabetical order.
  • Extended CRM services: More features added to the Salesforce Cloud App services.
  • New Events Function: Add dates and locations to any news or blog post.
  • Improved XML feeds generation: Feeds are now generated dynamically to improve performance and load times.
  • Upgraded videolink API.
  • Multiple security improvements.
  • Added Translations.

New SeoToaster Ecommerce Features (v2.5)

  • New Notes Fields: Notes can now be added directly to a customer profile from the SeoToaster dashboard.
  • New Email Invoices: Added trigger to send invoice by email. All SeoToaster.
  • Ecommerce widgets can use this action email, with automatic PDF attachment.
  • New SMS Function: Ecommerce website admins can now action a trigger to send instant order notification via SMS automatically to customers.
  • New Pickup Functions: The new pickup widget is now available in the post-purchase pages.
  • New Refund Features: You can now refund client's credit card partially or in full from the Dashboard/orders tab for the PayPal and (plug-in available on marketplace) payment gateways.
  • New Coupon Widget: Coupon codes can now be applied in an order and added to email, invoice, and order details on the dashboard with a special widget.
  • Coupon Sales Report: You can now view sales where a coupon has been used by client directly on SeoToaster Ecommerce’s dashboard (Sales tab).
  • More Apps Services: Now you can add customers directly from the Dashboard to Constant Contact, but also to SalesForce and InfusionSoft accounts.
  • New Statistics Views & Downloads: Statistics are now available in different views (graphics, tables...) from the dashboard, and can be downloaded as a CSV file.
  • New Edition Functions: billing and shipping address can now be edited in customers profiles directly on the dashboard.
  • Improved Quotes Search: It’s easier than ever to find and filter quotes.
  • Option-level Stock Management: Track inventory level down to product variants such as colors and sizes.

All of these ecommerce marketing functionalities are natively integrated and free, except for very reasonable communication costs when necessary.


About SeoToaster

SeoToaster is the most advanced SEO & marketing CMS and eCommerce platform that can be used right out of the box, with no plug-ins required. SeoToaster features a uniquely intuitive content management system interface, combined with powerful automated marketing.

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About SeoSamba

Maker of the open source SEO & Ecommerce CMS SeoToaster, SeoSamba is the multi-site SEO execution specialist, helping web agencies, etailers, franchises and enterprises build, manage and optimize websites for top search engine performance.

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