Integrated marketing that drives online store sales

Internet sales keep on growing, however for most online retailers, competition becomes stiff with ever larger online retailers. It can be very difficult for small business marketers to stay abreast of the latest marketing and merchandising trends, much less to implement them in their e-commerce solutions.

This is where SeoToaster comes in. It features automated & effective e-commerce marketing and SEO techniques that are embedded right into the software solution. No plug-in to buy or load, no complex setup. Explore how SeoToaster makes a difference in the bottom-lines of many online stores.

Search engine optimization others pay big bucks for

Chances are that you've already got that; as the first system originally engineered by SEO experts no other system comes close to the techniques implemented within SeoToaster:

From automated canonicalization, 301 redirects, deep-links, point & click java-script based link-sculpting for voluminous products catalogue to semantic web integration, including star ratings, micro-data optimized product landing pages, integrated blog post authorship, local geo-targeting with KML file generation, Google news & Yahoo news compliant news/blog system, everything SEO experts could ever dreamt of is in there.

coupons free

The difference with Magento, Volusion, Shopify, Big Commerce? Well, how would we say? Simply said: it works out of the box. It is either automatically implemented for you, or so easy to enable on your own that you don't need to pay experts to rework your e-commerce system or web store.

Discount coupon codes

Vouchers are great incentives when it comes to closing online sales. SeoToaster ships with a comprehensive and powerful couponing system integrated right into your web store for maximum efficiency.


You are free to set coupons with multi-use or single-use to prevent the coupon hunting syndrome. Coupons can also apply to any product in your catalog or be attached to a specific product. Either way, you can specify a minimum total purchase amount to qualify for the offer. 

Free shipping coupons are also a great way to augment sales. SeoToaster lets you create single or multi-use free shipping coupons that are valid with a purchase over a specific amount. You can also require that a specific product is part of that purchase.

coupon for product

You are free to write-in or import your own coupon codes, or have the system generates them for you. Finally, you can also allow coupons to be combined among themselves or make them stand-alone promotional offers.

Sale & promotion

on sale

Set a start and finish date, as well as a fixed or percentage amount for your store-wide sale promotion. You can also do the same with individual products.

When using % method, promotion prices are also applied to product variants and options, keeping relative promotions rates true to the entire purchase amount.

Customer group pricing


Sell the same products at a different price to different groups of customers. This is ideal for web stores selling both to consumers and resellers or professionals. You can show either no price or public prices to unauthenticated users while showing discounted prices only after logging-in. 

Once again, no plug-in compatibility nightmare to deal with, no additional fee to pay. It is all there. Specify different product prices for every customer group by adding/deducting fixed or percentage number to the original products’ prices. No limit to a number of products, customers or groups.

  • Set a default discount % or $ currency value for your entire product catalog for each group. 
  • Set specific group prices per product by overwriting groups default.
  • Select multiple products at once, and bulk update group prices for them.
  • When using % method, discounts are also applied to product variants and options, keeping relative discounts rates true to the entire purchase amount.

Email drip sequences

email drip campaigns

Communicate with your leads and prospects efficiently by setting up various drip campaigns. Send different marketing information to your clients and leads depending on their status.

Set up a campaign once, get subscribers automatically and SeoToaster will do the rest - your pre-written content will be sent automatically at predetermined times. Sending these emails to a prospect multiple times will expose them to your brand more effectually and will increase the chances to turn them into your clients or rich any other marketing goal you are up to.