E-commerce security without headaches

If you wish to serve your entire site using HTTPS, just install your website certificate on your server, and set your web server to redirect all http requests to https. SeoToaster will automatically convert all internal links to media and web pages to HTTPS.


In this scenario the HTTPS version of your pages will get indexed by search engines.



SeoToaster also let you serve web pages on both HTTP and HTTPS based on how the user request was formulated (Widgets related to your checkout page will send automatically users to HTTPS for instance).

In this scenario, all you need to do is install your certificate on your web server and check one box under the manage store config menu:

   store configuration

ssl security for web stores

Then from the manage config screen, specify your canonicalization choice. This way you can get either the http or https version of your website indexed by search engines, and make sure that  all link juice will flow to the appropriate pages.