Creating and Editing a Page for your Website is Easy

  1. Click on "Create a page" in the control panel on the left of your screen.
  2. Fill in the required fields.
  3. Select which navigation this page belongs to.
  4. Input your teaser text and upload you teaser picture for later use in a featured area or search result
  5. click done, and voila, your page is ready to be edited.

Screencast showing how to create a page

How to update a page

- To change a page's properties, go to the page you want to change and click "Edit page properties" in the control panel on the left of your screen.

- To delete a page, simply go to the page you want to delete and click "Delete this page" in the control panel on the left of your screen.


Screencast showing how to update a page

Screencast showing how to delete a page

Text and image teasers. Use them!

Text and images teasers are very important and allow for great flexibility in your design.

You will use them in the following context:

  1. -> Show a list of your categories landing pages with their respective images and text.
  2. -> Shows a list of pages in the current categories. Same thing it will show a nice list of those pages accompanied by their teaser images and text.
  3. featured areas (floating menus): You can place very good looking floating menus throughout your site in a few clicks.
  4. -> brings the main menu (Categories/pages) with all pages featuring their images.

teaser img text 1