Track all your Adwords conversions and sales in one simple step

With SeoToaster CRM Ultimate Edition, it's very easy to setup your Adwords Conversion Tracking to know exactly when your website visitors submit forms, make a purchase, register on your site, and so on.

Once you've created your online form, you can edit Form Properties, then simply add your Adwords Conversion Tracking code to view lead tracking stats straight from your Adwords account.

conversion tracking code

Once your form is ready, simply find your Adwords Conversion Tracking code: go to the AdWords Tag Manager home screen from your Adwords account, then select New Tag > Tag Configuration > AdWords Conversion Tracking

Create online forms easily with SeoToaster CRM Ultimate Edition

CRM provides a wonderful opportunity to create lead forms both on SeoToaster- and Other CMS-sites. They are called internal (SeoToaster) and external (other CMS) lead forms. You can find this constructor by going to Workflows/Form builder.


There are two kinds of Form Elements: CRM Fields - these fields are pre-coded to save your form data directly to the proper CRM field, and Regular Fields - these fields let you create custom form fields. Any data from these fields will appear under your lead notes.

Internal Lead Forms

To build a form on a SeoToaster site, firstly, you will need to compose a form adding the fields you would like to have in your form in the section 1. Form Elements. In case you want to change the number of fields or their settings or order, you easily do that with the help of form builder instruments in the section 2. Your web preview form.


When all the fields are set up, you can click Generate code or Generate and save and an HTML code will appear in section 3. Generated web form code. Now you can copy it at one click using Copy code button


and paste into Form code field of the form properties on your SeoToaster website.


External Lead Forms

For an external lead form the sequence of actions is pretty the same, but with few alterations. For instance, you will need to get a recaptcha for your website to protect it from spam. It will be necessary to create key pairs and specify the domain name while doing it. You may find guidelines for creating a recaptcha here :

You will need to generate reCaptcha 2

And then with all necessary data fill in all fields.


When you get all fields filled, the following procedure will be the same as with the internal forms. Then you can style it as you see fit.

More SeoToaster CRM Features

  • Track leads activities across all your websites Track leads activities SeoToaster CRM let you bring visitors data across all the devices they use, as well as any number of websites. Deploy our analytics code to your websites or mobile apps and get the entire history associated with a lead in your CRM
  • Easy Adwords conversion tracking including Cart transaction amounts Adwords conversion tracking Simply paste in your conversion code into your form field. If you sell physical or digital products, SeoToaster CRM also automatically track and send cart transaction amounts back to your Adwords account so you know exactly what your ROI is.
  • Email tracking and  Leads nurturing automation Email tracking Track your outbound email, who’s opening them, who’s looking at the attachments, then nurture your leads into automated email marketing drip sequences, and easily filter and add emails to Constant Contact, MailChimp or your SambaSaaS Marketing cloud ...
  • Online quotes with real-time viewing alerts Online quotes Log an opportunity, create confidential quotes, email them, get alerted and initiate a chat session automatically whenever your lead is looking at them. Powerful stuff to convert more leads into sale.
  • Inbound and outbound call tracking Inbound and outbound call tracking Get a phone tracking number anywhere in the world, display it on your landing page, website, anywhere, and track and record both inbound and outbound calls right under your lead timeline.