Sell any virtual or physical products and easily collect payments online

With SeoToaster CRM Ultimate Edition, you can build an entire web store, or just collect payments for one product, digital (Just check the box in your edit product screen to enable paying downloads) or online training (Use our Moodle plugin for this).

SeoToaster CRM Ultimate Edition ships with a free PayPal plugin but you can deploy any number of payment gateways from our plugin library.

If you have a standard PayPal account you can add a widget {plugin:paypal:button} for PayPal button to checkout template and {plugin:paypal:quote} to the quote template and you only need to fill in the email field with the email address linked to your PayPal account.

SeoToaster CRM Ultimate Edition - Paypal account

In case you have a Pro account (only available for USA, Canada, and Australia), you can insert the direct payment form at checkout using this widget .

To do this, you will need to feel in all fields. The credentials can be found in your PayPal account going to Tools / All tools / API credentials.

SeoToaster CRM Ultimate Edition - Pro Account

Once you've connected SeoToaster CRM Ultimate Edition to your ecommerce software and online products catalog, all purchases will be logged, and instantly displayed in your Timeline.


Build your online store easily & rapidly with SeoToaster Ecommerce and SeoToaster CRM Ultimate Edition

You can also build a web store by deploying for free SeoToaster Ecommerce on your website to build your online store easily & rapidly, and turn your e-commerce website in a money-making machine.

With your SeoToaster Ecommerce installed and running, click on STORE > Add/edit product screen from your SeoToaster Ecommerce dashboard, and build your virtual or physical product catalog in just a few clicks. You can also configure products tags, options, add related products, manage your inventory, and much more.

SeoToaster CRM Ultimate Edition - Ecommerce shopping cart online products catalog

For more information on building your webstore with the best free and open source ecommerce website builder, visit our SeoToaster Ecommerce section.

SeoToaster Ecommerce - Open Source Web Store Builder from SeoSamba on Vimeo.

More SeoToaster CRM Features

  • Track leads activities across all your websites Track leads activities SeoToaster CRM let you bring visitors data across all the devices they use, as well as any number of websites. Deploy our analytics code to your websites or mobile apps and get the entire history associated with a lead in your CRM
  • Easy Adwords conversion tracking including Cart transaction amounts Adwords conversion tracking Simply paste in your conversion code into your form field. If you sell physical or digital products, SeoToaster CRM also automatically track and send cart transaction amounts back to your Adwords account so you know exactly what your ROI is.
  • Email tracking and  Leads nurturing automation Email tracking Track your outbound email, who’s opening them, who’s looking at the attachments, then nurture your leads into automated email marketing drip sequences, and easily filter and add emails to Constant Contact, MailChimp or your SambaSaaS Marketing cloud ...
  • Online quotes with real-time viewing alerts Online quotes Log an opportunity, create confidential quotes, email them, get alerted and initiate a chat session automatically whenever your lead is looking at them. Powerful stuff to convert more leads into sale.
  • Inbound and outbound call tracking Inbound and outbound call tracking Get a phone tracking number anywhere in the world, display it on your landing page, website, anywhere, and track and record both inbound and outbound calls right under your lead timeline.