SMS integration For Customer Service And Sales Notifications

For a few dollars every month, you can get your own phone numbers anywhere in the world and track your incoming phone call leads.

But did you know that you can also use your SeoSamba phone number to send SMS notifications to your website visitors and your sales team?


When and why using SMS notifications?

Once connected to your SambaSaaS phone number, you can configure SeoToaster to notifiy websites visitors at critical times of the sales and customer services process:

Increase sales responsiveness

Get the details of incoming form requests via SMS. Your sales team gets notified immediately and can respond faster this way straight from their smartphone.


Get new lead notifications while working out of the office

A must for sole proprietor, and professionals working in the field. 


Improve sales resiliency

You're spending marketing dollars to bring folks to your website, but have you ever misplaced or overlooked that critical email lead you paid so much for? or simply not realized that your forms email were misconfigured or that your email server had some hiccups? We've been in business for nearly a decade and we've seen it all. Take our word for it, having that info via a 2nd channel other than email is best practice.


Convery a dynamic and modern image while differentiating your business from the get-go

Your visitor can also receive a notification on their phone with a confirmation message as soon as they sent you a message via your website.

Offer great customer service

Our E-commerce SMS integration service lets you notify automatically store buyers when their orders are received and/or are shipped out, and more.

phone email sms notifications

Quick 5 minutes configuration

  • Create a SambaSaaS account from your website ID card
  • Purchase a SMS enabled number and assign it to your website
  • Switch on the Cloud SMS services on your SeoToaster menu
  • Open your forms, and simply check a box in your edit form properties and add a phone number for internal notification.
  • For SeoToaster E-commerce users, go to "Action Email & SMS" menu to configure both your email and SMS messages.


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