Why Download SeoToaster CMS?

Free and open source, SeoToaster CMS is a professional business grade website builder you can use to create high performance corporate websites, blog & news, membership websites, directory websites and more.

SeoToaster CMS: Free & Open Source Website Builder

What Version Of SeoToaster CMS Should I Download?

SeoToaster CMS v3.6.0 is the latest version, read more about it here (New Functions & Change Log).


  • Added operational hours verification support for add-to-cart button and checkout. Add the ability to disable stores based on your hours of operations.
  • Added filter by client group on the orders screen

  • Added full pagination for the clients’ grid. Reworked sorting and search mechanism.

  • Improved pagination for the supplier screen

  • Added operations tab to the shopping config

  • Added custom order support for displaying products on the order's detailed screen

  • Added words splitting search for orders and users grid screen

Sales Proposals:

  • Added custom product fields widgets for the quotes page
  • Added quote thank you page

  • Added quote conversion support (for newly created quotes)

  • Adjusted quote expiration. Prevent quote expiration for signed quotes.

Seotoaster CMS:

  • Added support for .webp in the Directupload widget
  • Added youtube shorts URL video support for Videolink widget


  • Added to referer utm tags
  • Added preheader to action emails
  • Added counter for Manage Users screen
  • Added .webp support for the page optimization process

News system:

  • Added word splitting for search on the news organize screen


  • Added additional filters for email triggers grid and edit trigger button for email sequence screen
  • Added delete trigger confirmation for the trigger details screen
  • Added preheader to action emails
  • Added email click tracking link support
  • Added support for processing lead and organization coordinates
  • Added remarketing organizations' mass action
  • Added upload multiple files to the document upload
  • Added support for .mov and .eml formats for document upload
  • Added preheader for action emails
  • Added clean-up tab Added search by secondary email