Ultimate Social Media Marketing Automation Ultimate Social Media Marketing Automation

Over 80% of organizations say social media post scheduling is the most suitable application for a marketing automation platform. This proves that if your marketing automation strategy is limited to sending newsletters and email sequences, then you are really leaving a lot of money on the table.

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SeoSamba September 2021 Product Update SeoSamba September 2021 Product Update

The conversion issue: Automate remarketing to your audience from your CRM, Dynamic Number Insertion, CRM Lead application now supports email templates and files, MensaHero - The new mobile text-to-chat app that converts twice as many web visitors as a regular webchat.

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SeoSamba August 2021 Product Update SeoSamba August 2021 Product Update

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for! We’re excited to announce that you can now post to your Instagram through your SeoSamba Marketing OS dashboard. We have also released the 3.4.0 version of SeoToaster CMS packed with our latest developments. Find out about it and more in SeoSamba August Product Update.

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SeoSamba February Product Update SeoSamba February Product Update

Newly added features to the SeoSamba suite of products in February will help to better optimize your work, further automate processes and help increase your ROI from your marketing efforts.

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January 2021 Product Update January 2021 Product Update

From magically creating blogs from emails or emails from blogs, a remarketing update that’ll knock your socks off, to Facebook group posting abilities, these will save you time, generate more traffic and raise brand awareness like never before.

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SeoSamba Marketing Operating System and CRM 2020 Year in Review SeoSamba Marketing Operating System and CRM 2020 Year in Review

A CRM and sales automation solution built specifically for franchise sales, a new mobile CRM App in your backpocket that let you manage contacts across any number of points of presence, or a Google and Facebook reputation management tool, are just few of the new products and major features our valued subscribers have enjoyed this year.

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