PHP shopping cart that is 100% object oriented & free

SeoToaster combines an innovative design with a powerful underlying PHP framework, making it probably the most flexible shopping cart ever engineered to this day, and surely one of the most promising e-commerce platform on the market for 2013. Click to get more information for CMS Developers & web designers.


Unique unlimited front-end cart design

SeoToaster Ecommerce allows for rapid page content and template customization at will thanks to the built-in inline editor. Click an icon and you can add videos, text, menus, or a product list and your designers can easily build any number of page or product listing templates using HTML5 and CSS3. Better yet, you can even add content to your checkout page, or add a functional payment gateway in 10 seconds flat, no developer involvement required like with other solutions! 

hip back pain

SeoToaster helps you respond to changing market conditions and test new designs by creating multiple variants or modifying your checkout page in the blink of an eye.

One-page cart checkout

Thank its one-page checkout design, your customers will enjoy the simplicity of checking out thereby minimizing shopping cart abandonment rate.

single page checkout

Beyond guest logging

Introducing automated guest checkout with automated account creation.  You are then free to inform the guest buyer of their pending account username and password. It is the most efficient account creation process ever designed. And since SeoToaster does not ever store credit card information, there is never a compliance issue.


And more

Your SeoToaster store includes a comprehensive set of built-in functionalities that can be cost-effectively expanded thanks to the modern object oriented programming of this PHP shopping cart.

  • Quick weight/cart amount shipping configuration
  • Provide multiple shipping providers and product choices with free shipping and/or pick-up at any of your store locations (requires franchise & store locator plug-in)
  • Provide any number of payment gateway options at checkout
  • Creates client accounts automatically, and lets you set an automated email from the built-in action email facility to notify them about their private customer page with shipping tracking and PDF invoice