The simple way to create mobile & tablet websites

Internet access via mobiles & tablets devices is the fastest growing segment of the market. Thanks to better and faster mobile devices, this trend should only increase in the coming years.
SEOTOASTER V2 offers a straightforward and effective way to build mobile websites. 

Whether you're running the CMS or E commerce edition, SEOTOASTER V2 creates a mobile version of your website, and keeps that mobile website synchronized with the desktop version of your website.

mobile website builder

mobile website creation

All you need is to download and install a plug-in,  install one of the ready-to-use mobile themes, which will create properly formatted navigation options and menus, and then identify pages and content area which you wish to feature on your mobile website. You can easily sort your mobile navigation from a simple control panel menu. 

In addition, directions to your business or store location is automatically mapped out so that your customers can easily get to you. By the same token, your business phone number is also mapped out for an instant dial from mobile devices.

mobile website thememobile website development

Voila ! when customers go to your website or web store using a smart-phone or a tablet, its design automatically changes to use a specially designed, mobile theme.  You can peruse free mobile themes, find out more and download SEOTOASTER's mobile website design plug-in from this page.