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Requires CMS Version:  3.0.0

Automatically send your invoices for payment to Chorus Pro from your web store cart, online quotes and SeoToaster CRM. Forget all the complexities required to work with the French government and public entities, we got you covered end-to-end

Chorus Pro is a mandatory invoicing or billing system if you work with the French public administration.

A new legislation also warrants that electronic invoicing in France will be expanded to all companies, including all B2B transactions between 2024 and 2026. Consequently, all French companies that are subject to VAT and who operate in B2B relationships will be required to use electronic invoicing with Chorus Pro starting in 2024, depending on company size.

Speed up your time to market with the SeoToaster's Chorus Pro plug-in, and automate your invoicing from your Web store or Customer Relationship Management system. You can handle regular clients one-way, while SeoToaster invoices others automatically in real-time with a Chorus Pro compliant invoice format, retrieving in the process mandatory information from your institutional clients.  
Save hundreds of hours of development time, and headaches navigating outdated documentation, contact us for your Chorus Pro project as we will also help you install the system as part of your one-time license. Installation services for monthly licenses and Expert Chorus Pro customization services are also available for a fee. 

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To upload and install Chorus Pro Plugin,
simply follow standard plugin installation procedures