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  • lookingpoint homeLookingPoint, known for facilitating advanced technology deployment hand-in-hand with exceptional customer service, has chosen SeoToaster to create, manage and market their new website presenting their reliable managed IT services for businesses in the greater San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

  • baranovaBaranova Monaco's new website takes full advantage of the open source CMS SeoToaster to provide important information about the newest DNA diagnosis techniques and her personalised Programmes for Life designed to help rejuvenating both mind and body.

  • hip back painTrust Hihip to help you recover from hip pain or lower back pain. Like Hihip, trust SEOTOASTER V2 E Commerce to help you recover from bad shopping cart habits. 

  • real estate web site design A great looking Bucks County & Philadelphia real estate website using SEOTOASTER's built-in search engine. Check out our free websites themes for your real estate project.

  • brindabella_airlines_home Brindabella Airlines have made their web presence even more effective built on SEOTOASTER’s open source CMS and powered by SEO Samba’s SEO technology. 

  • aogifts home Pick out an ideal present with AOGifts.comonline gift company which uses SEOTOASTER’s open source shopping cart to power its new web store along with the Authorize payment gateway & real-time UPS shipping quotes plug-ins.

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Link siloing

Silo your Website Navigation to Gain Focus

Thanks to seotoaster's link siloing Java Script technology, you can easily point search engines bots to closely related web site pages. This advanced SEO technique (not to be confused with deprecated nofollow tags technique) helps make your web site particularly relevant for each of the content niches you cover and ensures a solid foundation for higher keyword rankings. It is  usually practiced by experts who charge an hefty price for it when implemented as part of an SEO consulting project.

Website Link Siloing Made Easy and Done Right

Seotoaster provides an unique point and click interface to sculpt links and build link silos using Java Script. You can even silo entire categories of your web site in just one click. Seotoaster retains regular HTML links across web pages belonging to a silo, while Java Scripting other links and making them vanished from the search bot stand-point.

Link siloing is a great way to tell search engines which pages of your website are closely related when you cover a number of different content niches, or when your navigation list all pages code-wise but only makes related category pages available to users from an interface point of view.