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info For your information: This demo reloads every 12H, so you might get outed in the middle of editing. In addition, we have disabled some features to keep the overall demo functional for the greatest number of users.


  • editaddcontentEdit Content
  • editadd static contentEdit content and show it on ALL pages.
  • editadd headerEdit a header
  • editadd static headerEdit a header and show it on ALL pages.

We decided to avoid Internet Explorer altogether when building seotoaster's administrator user interface (of course websites you build are visible by all browsers including by Internet Explorer users).
In order to administrate your website or access the demo admin area, please use a browser that is capable of handling the latest CSS and JS technologies such as: Safari, Chrome, FireFox.

demo iconLog in to administrate the CMS demo website here:
pass: demo

Browse the demo website here:

e commerce demo iconLog in to administrate the E commerce demo website here:
pass: demo

Once logged-in, you should visit the Store dashboard / back-office that you can access from the STORE control panel or by clicking this link:

Browse the E commerce demo website here: