How file named "application.routes.xml" will get empty suddenly ?

asked Apr 3 by anshul (310 points)
Hello Team,

In every 15-20 days, or once in a month, suddenly this file "application.routes.xml" content got empty... Then website stops working and a blank page opens...

Then i have to restore this file from my local machine...

So, please guide me that how it is possible... means what are the precaution i have to take so that this does not happen...

Thanks in advance for your support... Waiting...

1 Answer

answered Apr 4 by Pavel.g (4,520 points)
Hello Anshul.

Please check that you have enough free disk space.

Regards, Pavel.
commented Apr 4 by anshul (310 points)
Hello Pavel,

Thanks for answering.
Disk space is un-limited. Website is hosted online at godaddy. So, this might not be the problem.
Please suggest.