How file named "application.routes.xml" will get empty suddenly ?

asked Apr 3, 2017 by anshul (400 points)
Hello Team,

In every 15-20 days, or once in a month, suddenly this file "application.routes.xml" content got empty... Then website stops working and a blank page opens...

Then i have to restore this file from my local machine...

So, please guide me that how it is possible... means what are the precaution i have to take so that this does not happen...

Thanks in advance for your support... Waiting...

1 Answer

answered Apr 4, 2017 by Pavel.g (4,600 points)
Hello Anshul.

Please check that you have enough free disk space.

Regards, Pavel.
commented Apr 4, 2017 by anshul (400 points)
Hello Pavel,

Thanks for answering.
Disk space is un-limited. Website is hosted online at godaddy. So, this might not be the problem.
Please suggest.