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Dear Support,

[Current situation]
Seotoaster Ecommerce: v2.5.0
Theme: Default
Browser: Mozilla Firefox v50.0.2
Installation: completed/success

Issue 1:
Cannot add new "Tag" when creating new Product. So it is not possible to put the product under a specific category/page.

Issue 2:
Dashboard does not appear/open when using Internet Explorer.

Issue 3:
Can't find setting for Multi-currency. Does this function available?

Issue 4:
How to enable Downloadable product for software?
The customer should get an automated link once the order process has completed and paid.

Appreciate if you could please assist on this matter.
Thank you.

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Hello Cadsifu.

Please provide url your website and credentials in a privat message.

Regards, Pavel.
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What version do you use of Internet Explorer?

Issue:4 - We dont have such functional in the package 2.5.0

Regards, Pavel.
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Is there any way to include/add Downloaded Product (for digital goods) in SEOToaster?
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Digital products will appear in the next version of the package.
Please, keep track of updates.

Regards, Pavel.
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This is great. Please advise expected date/month/year this feature will be available.
Thank you.