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Hi there,

I would like to export my website and keep a backup of it on my local server, but there are thousands of files that I need to FTP.

Is there a way to generate a .zip file of the setup that can be put on another website, to continue where left off.

I.e. I have made my site on and would now like the address to be

I own both websites, and know how to do it via FTP, I was just wondering if there was an export option that I have missed?

Don't worry if there isn't one, I just thought it would save me some time. :-)


Laurence =]

I have transferred the site over but cannot locate the file where "Website ID Card" is. Does anyone know where the URL is located as I believe if I change one of the boxes in that, I can sort out the site?
Thanks. :-)

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Hello Laurence,
You do not need to deal with "Website ID Card", to change an URL of a website.
To change website URL you need to go to: website_folder/seotoaster_core/application/configs.
There you will find .ini files, it could be (application.ini or your-website-name.ini).

Open ini file and in section [website], you will find "website.url" - property.

website.url    =    ""

Change this property value to URL you need.