Missing /go directory.

asked Apr 19, 2013 by freddo (350 points)
Ok, thanks for your response - Still a little confused why the forum is still live and letting people register and try to ask questions if they will never be answered!

My issue here is that I after failing to install 2.0.5 with the ecommorce bundle, I went for 2.0.4 - the plain CMS version. This installed perfectly well, but is missing the /go directory. I've looked at some other posts that mention this and that it's a 'route' instead of being a physical directory?
I've made sure that mod_rewrite is loaded, but not sure about allowoverrides. In httpd.conf I've temporarily set this to:

<Directory />
    AllowOverride all
    Require all denied

Not sure what the syntax is at the moment - will check that shortly.

Any ideas?

Many thanks..

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answered Apr 19, 2013 by freddo (350 points)
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Allowoverride as above was set in the wroing place - I changed this elsewhere in httpd.conf and it now works.. Thanks!

Still don't think I like this Q&A style helldesk - a plain forum would be much nicer..