Why is the forum so dead - is SEO Toaster a dead project?

asked Apr 19, 2013 by freddo (350 points)
I've posted a question to the forum, but it's not even been apporved by the mod yet. There has been no activity on the forums for 3 months now either - What's going on????

If it really is a free and open source project, remove the heavy moderation from the forum and let the users help each other if the admins can't be bothered, and then go in and do some periodic tidying.

You might find the project even gains some support?

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answered Apr 19, 2013 by seotoaster (14,780 points)
selected Apr 26, 2013 by freddo
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Hi Freddo,

SEOTOASTER is most definitely not a dead project. We are alive and kicking. Recently the community mostly moved to the Q&A section of the website, and basically it works similar to a forum- you can post your questions and team members and SEOTOASTER users reply to them and assist. We always reply to the questions on the same day and we make sure you get the need assistance promptly.

You can also use the tagging system to find questions related to yours which have been already answered, they may contain the information you are looking for.

Please post your question here and we will take care of it.
asked Apr 19, 2013 by freddo (350 points) Missing /go directory.
commented Apr 26, 2013 by freddo (350 points)
Thanks for your reply, and although I've had some help so far (Thanks to Andrey) I still can't install V2.0.5.
I have to say this Q&A style help system isn't as useful as a regular forum, and reading through some of the related posts to try and find similar problems and solutions only highlights that the original posters questions get quite fragmented into multiple questions. This makes it very hard to follow.

Having looked at V2.0.4 I can see the strengths of the CMS, but REALLY want to try V2.0.5+ as I will use the product for several projects.

I can't afford to spend much more time trying to get the product installed though (and from the tag cloud it looks like installation problems are the biggest issue with this CMS) so will have to look elsewhere next week if I can't get the thing working!!

I'm sat in front of my PC at work from 8-5 (UK time), trying to get this working for a good chunk of my day, so I'm available to respond to any help posted here. If there's anything else I can try or provide details of please let me know..

Many thanks,
commented Apr 26, 2013 by Andrey Budchenko (3,900 points)
Hello freddo.

Can you give access to your cpanel  or some another access that you can provide? We will look on this problem. You can send info on this email support@seotoaster.com .

Thank you.
commented Apr 26, 2013 by freddo (350 points)
Hi again Andrey,
Thank you again for your speedy reply!

The server is about 20 feet away in our server room and I should be able to get you a teamviewer session on it shortly if that's of use?

It's a windows 2008 R2 server, so no C panel..

I'll email the details to the support address now.

commented Apr 26, 2013 by freddo (350 points)
Details just sent - Thanks.
commented Apr 26, 2013 by freddo (350 points)
A big Thanks to Andrey/SeoTaoster team for great help. V2.0.5 is now running on my server thanks to your brilliant support!

I'll be back if I need help or can help others here - Loving SEOToaster support!