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I downloaded Seotoaster and unzipped on my server and pointed my browser to the myurl/folder installed. The page is loaded and showing everything 'OK' but i'm unable to find " Next Step " to continue. I only see 'Check again' button.

Please help me.
Thanks in Advance!

Thanks for responding!

CPanel: 11.32.3 (build 23)
Apache version    2.2.22
PHP version    5.3.15
MySQL version    5.1.63-cll
Operating system    linux
Perl version    5.8.8
Kernel version    2.6.18-194.32.1.el5
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Hello Waris,
provide us more info about your server environment, please. Versions of Webserver, PHP, Mysql and OS. Thanks.
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We just published updated version 2.0.3 of seotoaster package.
Try to download and install this one:
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