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I try to translate Seotoaster to German language, but I seems in main menu it's a little bug.
A click to 'Collapse menu' destroy my translation.
What can I do?
Nice WE

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Hi Ronny, thanks for contributing.
Unfortunately, for now it's not going to work because of javascript function that doing substitution of this text that doesn't trap to translation system. We're putting this bug into our to-do list and will fix it ASAP.
By the way, how are you doing translation - how is your workflow looks like?
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I put a English and a German string in a associative array in de.lng.
If I have problems through special character,  I "grep" in source code and copy the string.
Do you have a better way?
On completion I will publish the translation.
Can you put complete de.lng in seotoaster package?
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Your workflow is good for now. Until we will roll out user friendly translation system.
We appreciate your contribution and will merge your work with ours with pleasure