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Hi again - I seem to be spending most of my time here, outstaying my welcome! :)

**Ok so, First Question:
After a very helpful series of PM's from an seotoaster admin last week there was mention of big changes coming in the next release - 2.3 - and I used the built in updater to check to see if it was available yet. It was, but I double checked with the admin and he said to wait until the official version/announcement.
I checked twitter and facebook but couldn't find any announcements, though I did see something on the SEOToaster download page about 2.3.

So, I've tried to use my built in updater and it seems to be broken - the pop up window just shows my site front page. The other admin menu items work however. This is using Chrome/FF.

**Second question:
How do I disable the mobile version of the site when using the toasty trucks theme? It just doesn't work on my mobile devices and my project is very late so I don't really have time sort it. Having said that, I don't really like mobile sites much anyway, so I might well have done away with it even if I did have time.

Is it just a case of deleting all the mobile style sheets?

Thanks again :)

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Juat to add to the mobile version question - I've just tried the demo from the website ( and this doesn't work on my phone either. If I type in a specific URL it's sort of ok, but you can't browse to anything.

Is this one of the things that is being looked at with the re-release of this theme, or has that already been done?

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Further again to the mobile issue, I've just seen this:

So does this basically mean that to display an SEOToaster site on a tablet or mobile, we're forced to buy the plugin, or else have a broken site on all mobile devices?
I'd much rather be able to show my sites as full blown pages on mobile.
Please can someone from the team shed some light on this?
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hello strebblo!

We really appreciate your willingness to use Toaster CMS and contribute to its improvement! And your feedback is more than important for us!

Let me answer the questions you opened in your recent messages.

1. Toaster 2.3 release.
We did release new version 2.3 last week. the Press Release is being prepared so far. However you are welcome to find the details here

2. Automatic updater.
I don’t quite understand what you mean by “the pop up window just shows my site front page”. Anyway please try to clear cache and delete some obsolete CSS styles that might cause visual defects on your site.
System cache -
Browser cache -
Also I hope you noticed the alert asking you to backup the site before pressing the update button. This is a beta version of the automatic updater. And I’m sure you will agree with me that it is always better to have a back-up in hand before doing any major changes on a site, not only CMS update.

3. Mobile version.
You may forget about this plugin
It was used by older versions of Toaster in the past. Now it is not applicable.
Actually the page is in draft. How did you find it?

For now mobile compatibility for Toasted sites can be achieved by two ways:

3.a. Simpler mobile version.
Consists of independent mobile templates with their own CSS styles. Such templates are marked as “mobile pages” in Toaster ( and they get populated on mobile devices instead of desktop templates.
Please note that mobile templates cover only those pages which belong to them, the rest of pages are shown with original desktop design on mobile devices.
By the way the theme is built with mobile templates. We are going to update it in the nearest future for our Toaster users because now it seems to have lost some formatting.

3.b. Advanced mobile version.
The idea - all the templates are built with CSS media queries with the integration of responsive/adaptive design.
I'm happy to present you our special CSS framework called Flexkit. It allows to build pages responsive by default and then modify them to fit mobile devices any way you want (hide, restyle blocks, change their behaviour etc.).
You are welcome to download Flexkit and learn more about it here
By the way this theme and the one available with the latest Toaster version are built on Flexkit CSS framework.

I hope that my answers were detailed enough to be more or less useful for you :)

Should you have any further questions feel free to ask.

Kind Regards,
Alina, Project Manager
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Hi Alina, thanks for your reply - I hope my queries are useful and help improve the CMS, it's a great product. I'm also very impressed with the fantastic support from you guys - keep up the good work.

Onto your points:

1: Where is the best place to find annoucements - Twitter?
Unfortunately the link in your text is missing (details here) - please repost this as I'd like to see all the details.

2: Updater - The pop up I refer to is the same one that appears over the top of the current page when selecting any admin menu item, but in this case it was"Update". Instead of showing the versions and features, it showed the top left quarter of my index page (just like an iframe would). It does this in Firefox, but does work properly in Chrome so I've started the update in Chrome, though it's been updating for about 30 minutes now - is that normal?

**Edit** I closed the update window and the page refreshed as the updated Ver 2.3! Is there a way to patch the updaer so that there is some confirmation of success?
Also when the update was complete, my site logo was replaced by the SEOToaster logo, so the branding is now wrong - is there a way to change that please?

3: Mobile Version - I found the page linked from here:
I was googling for a way to disable mobile styles.

3.a: That seems sensible - none of my pages are set to use this - is it a feature that only version 2.3 supports? My mobile pages have lot not only formatting, but also all text content!!

3.b: Flexkit - this looks good, but I'm so stressed and short on time I can't learn how another tool works, I just need to get this job done I'm afraid. I will have a look at some point soon though - it looks good.

As my page templates are all set to defailt and not mobile, I don't understand why this is happening?

Thanks for taking the time to respond :)
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Hi again, just to quickly get back to my question on disabling the mobile versions - is there a way I can break/get rid of the mobile template for this theme? Even using the demo doesn't work - it completely fails to show any content on my mobile devices (

I'm late with my current project so I'm keen/desparate to just disable mobile templates, rather than trying to fix...!

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Hello again!

As a quick fix for this theme we would suggest you to delete mobile templates here -

You are welcome to view the details on new Toaster version here -
Sorry, I didn’t paste the link to my previous message.

Regarding the issues you are experiencing with the Updater:

a) The popup showing one quarter of home page. We failed to reproducce it on our side. The issue requires deeper investigation, better on your server because might be cause by some specific server settings. Also it depends on a lot of other things (from which version you are trying to update, whether any system changes were done in Toaster on your side, etc.)

b) The update is considered done at the stage “Toaster files copied”. Unfortunately due to some limitations in the previous Toaster versions we cannot add special resulting alert now. It will be added to the next version.
However now we have added a new message to the Updater screen -

c) The issue with logo has been fixed already. It will not be reset to default Toaster logo now.

Kind Regards,
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Good day Strebblo,

Per your 1st question "After a very helpful series of PM's from an seotoaster admin last week there was mention of big changes coming in the next release - 2.3"

The official announcement has been made!

Thank you for using SeoToaster!