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asked Oct 8 by Ciatronical (1,240 points)
Hello Seotoaster team
Since the Flexkit version 1.9, the grid system has been replaced by the flex system.
I can find documentation for the grid system on the seotoaster website.

Where can I find documentation for the flex system?
Unfortunately, the page is not available.

Unfortunately I can't find out how I can display three elements side by side?
Does the flex system work at all?

Thank you for your help

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answered Oct 8 by Michel Leconte (1,640 points)
Hi Ronny,

Flexkit doc can be found at
Another team member will be able to give you more details shortly.
Did you receive my emails btw about your previous question?
commented Oct 9 by Ciatronical (1,240 points)
Dear Michel

I answered you immediately, of course.
Look in your mail client 07.10.2021 14:54

Thanks for your help.

Many greetings
commented Oct 13 by Pavel.g (4,760 points)
Hi Ronny,

In order to display 3 elements side by side, your html code should look like this:

<div class="flex-row">
<div class="flex_4">1</div>
<div class="flex_4">2</div>
<div class="flex_4">3</div>

Information about flex-box can be found there:

Best regards