Slider images are displayed very small

asked Jun 17, 2014 by kevin84 (230 points)
Hello everyone,

I have included a slider on my webside with the slider widget
(  {$imgrotator:Slider:1:2:680:240:scrollHorz} ).
But sometimes the images are displayed very small.
All slider images are 680x240,  but when I visit the website the first time
they are only 680x20  or so.. very "thin".
After I reload the website everything works fine. Is it a CSS-error somewhere, because I cant find it..

Thanks for any advice :)

2 Answers

answered Jun 18, 2014 by PavelCSS (900 points)
Most often this is due to the fact that fulfills javascript faster than loading images in the slider sometimes the problem may be in style.
Could you throw a link to the page where there is this widget that we could tell you exactly what went wrong?
commented Jun 26, 2014 by kevin84 (230 points)
I still get this weird error, that my slider is very thin.
It is like the slider box reduce its size on the first visit of the webside,
after I reload everything is fine.

The CSS for the Slider is:

div.box_slider {
    border:0px solid #989898;
#slidershow {
    width:684px !important;
    height:218px !important;
#slidershow img {
    height: 218px !important;
#slider_prev, #slider_next {
#slider_prev:hover, #slider_next:hover  {opacity:1;}
#slider_prev {left:3px;}
#slider_next {right:3px;}


Do you have another idea what could be wrong?

Thanks a lot
answered Jun 18, 2014 by kevin84 (230 points)
thanks so far, I will look into it!
Here is the link to the webpage, the slider is right on the mainpage.
best regards
commented Jul 5, 2014 by carlo15 (450 points)
Hi, using Chrome on linux the slider looks fine. Did you find what the error was?