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asked Apr 16, 2014 by MagThom (160 points)
I want to send a link to customers that opens a PowerPoint presentation on our website; however, I don't want a link within the site. In other words, it would be "hidden," unless we actually send the link/addresss to the customer. What is the best way of doing this. thanks so much.

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answered Apr 16, 2014 by seotoaster (14,740 points)
SEOTOASTER natively includes a simple membership system to protect areas and pages of your website from a general audience, and restrain access to logged-in members only. Members can change their password and manage their own account so that you don't have to. They access protected menus which appear contextually wherever you have placed them within your website navigation. There's no code to write, no plug-in to download nor install. The login box is provided as a widget you can place anywhere on your site.


Go to the page you want to protect.
Click "edit page properties"
In the area that says "This page is also", use the value "Accessible only to logged-in members" or "where members land after sign up" or "where members land after sign in"
Save Page
Then upload your file and link it from that page.
From elsewhere on your site, click a C yellow container.
In the top left area "useful shortcuts", look for the" Member area signup box/login box/logout button" and click the one you want to place according to your layout.
Then click save.
You can then have people signup/signin and access the file.
If you run the Ecommerce version, you can simply add the file to the customer area landing page.
Alternatively, you can also simply link the file from a regular page, just leave the page in draft mode, and send that link over.