Blank screen after PHP upgrade and unable to install new version of Seotoaster 3.0

asked Jan 29 by TGD (230 points)
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After my provider upgraded to PHP version 7.2, I get only a blank screen when starting Seotoaster 2.0.
Running well before on PHP v. 5.x.

Tried to reinstall Seotoaster v 2.0, get a blank screen when starting with "go".

Tried to install Seotoaster 3.0 to make a manual upgrade of the site later on, but installation sticks at step 1.
Instead getting a "Next" button, it shows a "check again" button and I can`t move to the next step, even though all check points are marked with "OK".

Any idea what I can do?
Thx in advance.

1 Answer

answered Jan 30 by SeoToaster Support (1,080 points)
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Thank you for contacting us.

Can you please send us the logs (php_error.log) so that we can investigate this issue?

You can upload the file to any online storage (Google disk, Dropbox or Wetransfer) and publish the link to it.

Thank you.

Best regards,
SeoToaster Support