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I have pre configured my action email settings to send the customer, guest and admin an email  when:

1). a new purchaed has been placed
2). new user has registered

However, I'm not receiving the confirmation email as a customer or as an admin when logged out of my site as Admin,
But when logged in, i receive the email confirmation but its blank with no details.

So basicallty, i have two issues
1). When logged out of my site, i'm unable to receive the normal email notification that would normally be sent to a customer or an admin
2). If logged into my site, I get the notifcations, but the email is blank, although i have the approriate widgets.  Below, is what i receive

"Hi there {store:postpurchasereport :mailreport}"

I checked my spam folder, draft folder etc, but did not see any emails in those folders.


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Make sure the developers mode if off in Other - Manage config tab.
For the blank email - check the email template used for your action emails, it should contain this widget {emailmessage}.  

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