Why is my Index defaulting to 404 page?

asked Sep 30, 2018 by ddkdave (210 points)
In Page properties, the Index page is defaulting to 404 page and I can't seem to change this. This is of course causing issues with site being able to be searched, and I can't generate a sitemap.

2 Answers

answered Oct 1, 2018 by SeoToaster Support (1,080 points)

You have probably deleted the index template. If you have a back up of the website on your server, you can restore it. If not, you can reinstall the theme you downloaded.

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commented Oct 1, 2018 by ddkdave (210 points)
I think I may have accidentally clicked the 'substitute this page with the index page' button. I couldn't figure it out, so reinstalled the main files. All running good now ;-)
answered Aug 10, 2020 by dgptapu (140 points)
May be you have accidentally deleted the index file and thatswhy 404 broken link shows. Don't worry if you re upload the index file into server it will display the homepage.