New user with multiple questions

asked Feb 12, 2018 by savann (220 points)
Couple of  questions:
1).  I'm using your demo to see to how to upload images and or folder...however, it will. It allow me to upload.  It will only give me the option to upload the current pre loaded folders in the demo site.  Is this the expected behavior or I'm I doing something wrong ?

2). I currently have a merchant account with  So do I just purchase the plug in for the gateway which is $250, or is there also a cost to use your solution to build  the storefront for my products?  All I need is the plugin for the gateway and a platform to build the store.  I'm not interested in the marketing, etc.  Please tell me what the cost would be.

3). I don't think I got an answer to this in my previous email......Upon checkout, I prefer to redirect my customer to the server.  Can this be done and will I still need SSL on my website?

4). How can I use your demo to setup a test ecommerce site using my own images?  I need to provide my boss with a snapshot of what the eStore could like before they make their decision .  It's kind of hard to do that when the demo does not allow me to create a test page an checkout.

1 Answer

answered Feb 28, 2018 by Michel Leconte (1,640 points)
1) This is expected. If you want to have a full test environment, just sign up for a free trial account at and upload an ecommerce theme there. OR download the system and install it on your own server.

2.) Yes, you just purchase the plugin, and the platform is free. We offer hosting services from if you need it.

3.) Yes, you still need SSL on your site to do this. You can also purchase a SSL certificate from

4.) You can't. See answers to question 1.