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my site is really great.... but i want to chnage my old theme with the last..
but i don't want to rewrite all...
can you explain how i do it?

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Hello Marc,

Actually it depends on the theme that you have used. Could you please provide us with the link to your website?
Did you you Flexkit on it?

Best regards,
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i use this theme ->
and i want to use this ->
what is it "flexkit"?
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Hello Marc,
After you download a new theme, you need to upload it to your site (
All of your content will be saved.
To transfer your data from previous theme to the new one, please be sure to name the new containers correspondingly to the containers in the previous theme . You can also upload all of your content once again.
Flexkit is the framework with code templates, it is meant to ease the process of building the web-site.
You can check it here:
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it's a real galley ....  I have to redo everything ....