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I have some Problems with the mobile version of oure website
The dropdown menu doesnt work and the logo image is not displayed. Also on my old Samsung with android 4.3 there is a security error and the site is not loading.

Can you help?

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Hello ThomasR,

Thank you for contacting the SeoToaster support.

In order to display the logo you should remove these classes from the tag H1 on home page, and from the tag DIV on another pages:

As for the security error, there is a workaround, but it might seem a bit complicated :)

You need to comment the line 25 in the file 1.m.switchClass.js which is located in the js/system/flexkit. After that, you need to  merge all files in this folder into 1 file. Then you need to replace flexkit.min.js in the js/system/ by this new file.

Best regards,