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asked Jul 6, 2017 by cadsifu (200 points)
Hello Sir,

Please advise the followings:

1) Redirect page after click Logout from any page.
2) Adding Sign-up, Login and Logout for menu on Mobile device
3) Adding in "Page Properties" > This page is [ Where members land after logout ]
4) Adding Multi-currency option.

Thank you.


1 Answer

answered Jul 6, 2017 by Eugenie (2,560 points)
Hello Nizam,

1. Sorry, it is not possible
2. What would you like to add: forms or buttons?
3. If related to number 1, there is no such possibility
4. Sorry, it is not possible.

Best regards,
commented Jul 6, 2017 by cadsifu (200 points)
I may need to explain further for the questions I've sent.
Please advise how to send you the details with snapshot images?
I believe with the snapshot images, you will have more clear picture and understanding.
Thank you.
commented Nov 16, 2017 by SeoToaster Support (1,080 points)
It will be indeed more efficient if we could see the screenshots to better understand what you are meaning. Please be advised to use this service to send us one (you can upload it to the site and send us the link):
Thank you.