why can't i save the template when making changes

asked Jun 20, 2017 by mabula (120 points)
Hello there

i got difficulties on saving  the templates when modifying codes to my sites,  i tried to update my engine from V. 2.4 to V2.5.0 but it didnt work out . Can you please Share with me how to resolve this problem


1 Answer

answered Jun 20, 2017 by Pavel.g (4,600 points)
Hello Mabula.

Please check permissions on files and folders.

Regards, Pavel.
commented Jun 21, 2017 by mabula (120 points)
Thanks for your support but i'm using permission 0755 for folders and 0644 for files is it ok? advice accordingly

commented Jun 21, 2017 by Pavel.g (4,600 points)
I mean Owner and Group name. Please check.

Regards, Pavel.