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Is possible to do an image rotation with images that is located on a remote server?
If yes, how?
My connection is small then would be useful ... I put images on another server and the images are faster ..
I thank you

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Hello Marc,

As default we have a special widget that works only with the images uploaded to media folder {$imgrotator:Slider:1:3:940:280:scrollHorz:0:1:0}, but you can use custom code to get what you need.
So instead of this line of code {$imgrotator:Slider:1:3:940:280:scrollHorz:0:1:0} you could use custom code:

<div class="cycle-slideshow rotator" data-cycle-slides="> div.slide" data-cycle-timeout="3000" data-cycle-speed="700" data-cycle-fx="scrollHorz" data-cycle-auto-height="0" data-cycle-max-z="10" data-cycle-swipe="true" data-cycle-swipe-fx="scrollHorz">
<div class="action-button cycle-prev"></div>
<div class="action-button cycle-next"></div>
<div class="slide">
<img src="http://test.qom:81/media/Slider\original\slide-img1.jpg" alt="slide-img1" width="940">
<div class="slide">
<img src="http://test.qom:81/media/Slider\original\slide-img2.jpg" alt="slide-img2" width="940">

and add this line before closing body tag <script src="js/plugin/jquery.cycle2.min.js"></script>

Best regards,
SeoToaster Support Team
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i use this one " {$imgrotator:intro:1:2:525:85:scrollHorz:1:1:1:1}"
can i have the same with your code?
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i can't fonction for overlay...
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Yes you can do this
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how :) can you explain?...
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